Moses Lake Interviews Day #2

2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (1)We continued interviewing in Moses Lake today from morn until night.  So fun to see these missionaries!  Elder King and Elder Roe are taking good care of business here.  We started off by meeting with them to discuss their zone and the missionaries serving here.2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (4)

These 2 Zone Leaders are a barrel of fun.  We enjoy them so much!

2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (5)Their remarks are in the previous post.

Elder Kneip and Elder Bird2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (11)Elder Kneip:  I am more patient, trusting, humble and meek.  I am more willing and dedicated.  I know who I want to become and I am determined to make it through this life. Before I was not as patient.  I am a completely different person.  I have a more firm foundation now.  Before I was just going through the motions.  I felt like I was on a cloud I might fall through.  Now I have a foundation under me.  I understand more about life.  I was clueless before.  (9 mos)

Elder Bird:  I’d spend way more time now with my Mom & Dad and do things like weed the garden or help with the dishes.  I’d talk to them more.  I’d ask them to teach me more.  I’d pay way more attention to my family than I did before.  I’ve learned that it’s “O be dient” not “O do dient.”

Sister Rasmussen and Sister Skousen  2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (23)Sister Rasmussen:  I care about people more–their well-being, their feelings.  I’ve learned to see what’s important and what’s not.  I have more faith, more patience, more charity.  I’m learning to develop more Christ-like qualities.  Before I focused on myself and what I needed to do.  I have developed more trust and confidence in the Lord.  He’ll take care of me.  I receive the Spirit more now and act on it.  (9 mos.)

Sister Skousen:  I’ve come closer to God and realize how much I need to depend on him.  Before I didn’t think I was selfish, but now see that it was all about me and school.  Now it’s more about what I can do in the Lord’s work.  He uses us with our differences.  I love the talk by Hugh B. Brown called “God is the Gardener.”   My mindset has changed.  Now I ask what I can do to further the Lord’s work. (1 yr.)

Sister Michelek and Sister McCourt2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (42)Sister Michelek:  I DON’T WANT TO GO HOME!!  I am more diligent with scripture reading and praying and in general.  I’m more aware of my surroundings.  I don’t let things affect me.  I’ve become less fearful talking to random people.  My view on life has changed.  I have more of an eternal perspective.  Before it was hard for me to look ahead.  Now I see more of eternity.  I can see what I want and don’t want now.  Now I want a temple marriage more than anything.  (11 mos.)

Sister McCourt:  This is more fun and more exhausting than I thought!  I actually look at other people more and actually think about what they are going through.  Before it was just me and my friends and college.  I picked friends who would help me–like for study partners.  I lived for having fun and being able to go play.  It was all about me.  Now it’s not about me anymore.  (1 mo.)

These kinds Sisters brought us some lunch.  We were grateful.  We never stop for food on interview days.  This fruit was yummy!  Yes, Pres. Lewis got the Nutella one!2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (24)

Sister Adamson and Sister Van Orden2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (26)Sister Adamson:  I haven’t seen myself change, but so many people say, “You’ve changed SO much!”  I’ve come out of my shell.  I can manage awkward situations and talk to people.  Before I did not talk to anyone.  Even in emails my friends say I’m more humble, happy and not sad, like woe is me.  Now I’m Really Happy.  Before I was not social.  I strongly disliked social events.  I was not a people person.  Now I’m around people every day.  I’m working at it and I love it.  I don’t know why I never did this before!  I mission CHANGES you!  I wanted to change, to be better–I didn’t want to be negative.  I wanted to be happy.  I still have my quiet and awkward moments, but I just laugh at awkward situations and go forward.  I want to stay here forever.  When I go home, my mom will say, “You’ve Changed!!”  (5 mos.)

Sister Van Orden:  So many things have changed!  The first thing is that I’ve worked on being diligent and loving others so I could lose myself in the work.  Once I’ve learned to do that, it’s been easier to let go of thinking about old things (like movies).  I’m more confident.  I can just let go and do what Heavenly Father wants me to do.  I just feel happy all the time!  I expected it to be hard.  I love Heavenly Father.  He told me to do this.  I didn’t expect it to be so fun.  (11 mos.)2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (25)Recent convert, Lindsey dropped by to say hello!2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (28)I can’t imagine anyone not opening their doors to these beautiful Sisters!2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (31)The waiting room:2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (34)2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (37)Elder Olson with Pres. Lewis.  Elder Olson will fly home tomorrow for his father’s funeral.  We love him and pray for his family.  This is a tender time.  2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (40)

Elder Olson and Elder Johnson2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (41)Elder Olson:  Before I just went through the motions.  I didn’t have a testimony.  Now I do because I want to.  I love God.  I makes me happy to be here.  I want to help others.  Now I actually listen to General Conference!  Wow!  I’m not asleep!  And I remember the talks!  I’m more alert to the Spirit.  I understand the scriptures more.  I think less about the world.  I’m more kind and thoughtful.  It was hard for me to talk to people.  It’s still hard, but I just have to do it.  (6 mos.)

Elder Johnson:  I’ve become calmer.  Before I was short-tempered, and had a selfish view.  I’d think, “what will this do for me?”  I was arrogant.  I thought was better than people.  I felt prepared.  But I wasn’t prepared.  I knew the doctrine, but didn’t know how to teach.  I had a different view.  Going to church was just checking a box, then I went home.  Service was just checking a box for later blessings in heaven.  I understood about Jesus Christ and the Atonement, but I didn’t apply it to myself.  The focus was on me, and what made me happy, or on what was exciting and fun.  I didn’t work too hard at things, it wasn’t worth it.  That’s all changed now.  (1 yr.)

Chocolate chip cookies by the dozens go with us to every interview!2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (44)Elder Fordham is serious about staying hydrated!2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (46)

Elder Sailsberry and Elder Hanna

Elder Sailsberry:  Before I was very enclosed.  I wouldn’t talk or get outside my shell.  I never felt the need to talk.  It was hard to open my mouth or teach when it was my turn.  I’ve become more confident overall in what I have to say.  I’ve become more comfortable with other people.  I’ve lost a lot of my sarcasm.  I’ve learned how to mend clothes, alter shirts and pants.  I’ve not gained or lost weight.  I’ve gained life skills.  I’m a lot better at making decisions.  I’m more decisive and better at focusing and studying.  I’m better at maintaining eye contact with others.  I can’t do anything by myself.  It’ all us, through the Lord’s hands.  I trust in Him and trust 100% in his timing for others.  (13 mos.)

Elder Hanna:  I’ve become more aware of joy and happiness.  It was hard for me to recognize before.  I was a negative person.  I find joy now from things that matter.  I’m more aware of how humble I have to be.  I recognize how much I depend on God.  I’m more confident in myself and the fact that I am worth something.  I understand why I am here.  Before I stressed and worried about everything.  I’m better at making connections with people and better at organizing my thoughts.  (10 mos.)2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (47)2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (51)2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (52)2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (53)

Sister Melanie Mullins, former WYM Sister in Moses Lake was here visiting from her home in Salt Lake City.  It was Great to see her!2016-7-29 Interviews Moses Lake (13)

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