Mission Leadership Council

IMG_4400Early this morning, our leaders traveled from all corners of the mission to be with us here at the Mission Home for our August MLC.  This is a meeting we look forward to every month and we plan carefully for it.  This is where our best teaching and training happens, and from here it goes out to every zone, district and missionary.

more coming. . . .IMG_4398IMG_4402IMG_4403IMG_4404IMG_4405IMG_4407IMG_4412IMG_4416IMG_4417IMG_4418IMG_4422IMG_4425IMG_4429IMG_4431IMG_4433IMG_4435IMG_4438IMG_4441IMG_4451IMG_4458IMG_4463IMG_4473IMG_4475IMG_4478IMG_4481IMG_4482IMG_4394IMG_4485IMG_4487IMG_4491IMG_4493IMG_4504IMG_4505IMG_4506IMG_4507IMG_4508IMG_4512IMG_4515IMG_4522IMG_4524IMG_4525IMG_4529IMG_4531IMG_4534IMG_4535IMG_4536IMG_4539IMG_4541IMG_4542IMG_4549IMG_4551IMG_4573IMG_4584IMG_4590IMG_4591IMG_4595IMG_4598IMG_4599IMG_4600

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2 Responses to Mission Leadership Council

  1. Janice Barnes says:

    Hi Ann, this is Janice Barnes. I am married to the Sergin’ General in Lyman, Wyoming. We just wanted to report to you that Elder Olson did such a fine job with his family at his father’s funeral and he gave a short message at the service. He showed the video “Because of Him”. I loved that he did that. It was a great missionary moment! His father was my boss and was such a fine man–I will miss him so much!

    We are still going strong with our DFG team! 600 kits in our short 16 months of work. Thanks for your encouragement! Love and best wishes! Dell and Janice Barnes


    • Thanks, Janice, for this wonderful report. When we picked him up at the airport a few days ago, he said the funeral was great and he seemed happy that he was able to participate. Please give his mom a hug from me if you ever see her. I love hearing that you are still going strong with your DfG Team!! 600 kits is AMAZING!!! Please tell your Sergin’ General hello for me. You two make an excellent team! I’m go glad I got to meet you!
      Ann in Yakima


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