STL Exchanges: Yakima – Sunnyside

2016-8-25 Exchanges (2)Our Yakima Sister Training Leaders, Hermana Luevano and Hermana Pons had exchanges yesterday and today.  Every transfer, each STL and Zone Leader companionship goes on an exchange with every companionship in their stewardship.  This keeps them very busy.  The exchanges are usually overnight, from mid-day until mid-day, so they get to participate in a full evening of work, daily planning before bed for the next day, and a full morning with personal and companionship studies.

Exchanges are great.  They give everyone another example of ways to do things, and provide opportunities to meet and work with other missionaries.  They also let our mission leaders, the STLs and the ZLs see up close how the work is going in the mission, so they can help and cheer on the missionaries.

I got to see a bit of this exchange today, as I gave the Hermanas a ride to Zillah to pick up Hermana Pons who went to Sunnyside yesterday.  Hermana Hinkle from Sunnyside came to Yakima.  We met in a gas station parking lot to finish the exchange.  It was fun to listen to each one share their favorite experiences from the exchange as we stood there in a happy circle in the parking lot.  Each Sister complimented the others and shared her feelings, then we had a prayer together to complete the exchange.  I am so proud to know these young women.  They give it their all and they are working hard every day, trying to bring as many as they can to a better understanding of Jesus Christ.  2016-8-25 Exchanges (4)I love these Hermanas.2016-8-25 Exchanges (5)When Hermanas Pons and Luevano were reunited, I drove them back to the streets of Yakima, where they met up with Hermanas Stocking and Clark before going back to work.  They are happy and well and they are changing lives.  Theirs too!2016-8-25 Exchanges (7)2016-8-25 Exchanges (9)

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