Rhythm Sticks

2016-7-4 zDeparting Group (23)Below are some video clips of how to play Rhythm Sticks. This game is a Lewis Family Tradition game. Someone has to be able to play respectably before marrying into the Lewis family. Missionaries have to learn this game before departing. It’s a lot of fun.

The rhythm goes like this: One, Two, Pass, Pass. If you flub up but can recover without messing up the rhythm, you stay in. But if a flub messes up the rhythm enough to stop the game, the group decides who was at fault–the passer or the receiver, and that person is out. The circle gets smaller and smaller and you can go faster and faster until a winner is declared! It’s FUN.

The best advice I can give is to watch the sticks you’re catching, not the sticks you’re passing (but pass well).

You will need 4 sticks made of 1″ PVC pipe. They are 12″ long.

Here is a look at our Lewis Family playing when our kids were here:

Final round:

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