Zone Conference in Moses Lake

2016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-5Zone Conferences this week began in Moses Lake with our northern zones.  We met from 9:00 until about 4:30 with all of these fabulous missionaries.  As you will see, it was a full and marvelous day.  Best of all, we got to be with all of these missionaries.  It’s always the best reunion EVER.  2016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-242016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-7Here’s how our day went:2016-9-14-zone-conf-ml-12016-9-14-zone-conf-ml-2The tranings were wonderful.  Every time we say good bye to a Zone Leader, another is raised up to take their place.  We are always amazed at the growth that comes as missionaries step up and dive into the work, especially our missionary leaders.2016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-122016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-132016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-162016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-172016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-182016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-192016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-20Elder Stedman brought 2 pans of apple crisp he made for everyone.  It was baking in the oven as we got started and was hot and delicious and ready to eat when we took a break.2016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-222016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-262016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-302016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-35Here are some of the Relief Society Sister Saints who prepared lunch for everyone:2016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-372016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-382016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-39Elder call organized and delivered mail:2016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-40Before lunch we did some role plays:2016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-432016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-442016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-472016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-482016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-492016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-512016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-542016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-552016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-562016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-60Then it was time to eat!2016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-612016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-63Sister Thompson and Sister Call organized a swap meet of sorts–free clothing and missionary items (most left behind from departing missionaries).2016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-672016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-692016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-932016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-742016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-762016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-792016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-802016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-812016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-832016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-842016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-852016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-872016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-882016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-952016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-962016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-99Singing thanks to the lunch ladies:2016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-1032016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-104Celebrating birthdays.  We had a lot this time because we haven’t celebrated any since May.2016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-106The STLs did an excellent training:2016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-108Special musical number by Sis Hull and Sis Faulk:2016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-110After the final testimonies, we had a closing song, and then the good byes and farewells began.  No one ever wants to leave.2016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-1192016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-1212016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-1222016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-1282016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-1292016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-1362016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-1382016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-1392016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-1582016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-1412016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-1422016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-1472016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-1482016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-1532016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-1562016-9-13-zone-conf-ml-164All of the photos taken today will be posted in an album on our Washington Yakima Mission Facebook page.

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I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I am currently serving as a Missionary in the Washington Yakima Mission. Welcome to my personal blog, Ann's Words, and my Mission blog, Our Yakima Mission. If you are interested in family history stories and histories, you can find those posted in Ann's Stories. Thanks for looking in!
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