Pat and Gerald Celebrate in Selah!

2016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-2We had 8 baptisms in the mission today.  Here is another wonderful celebration in Selah with Pat and Gerald.  They are a LOVELY couple.  Pat is from England.  Everyone loves them already!2016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-32016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-52016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-102016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-132016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-152016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-162016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-272016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-19Members of the Selah 1st Ward turned out in droves!2016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-212016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-232016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-242016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-252016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-262016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-292016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-31What a happy happy day.  Pat and Gerald were Thrilled!  So were all of the rest of us!2016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-322016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-332016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-342016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-352016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-362016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-372016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-392016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-412016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-422016-9-24-dahlberg-baptism-selah-44

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I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I am currently serving as a Missionary in the Washington Yakima Mission. Welcome to my personal blog, Ann's Words, and my Mission blog, Our Yakima Mission. If you are interested in family history stories and histories, you can find those posted in Ann's Stories. Thanks for looking in!
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