Monday at the Office. Transfer Meetings.

2016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-1Who’s excited about all the new missionaries coming this week??  WE ARE!!!

Here are the faces at the office today.  Many of these missionaries will be transferred to new areas this week, so enjoy them while you can!2016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-10Checking mail:2016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-12Everyone LOVES seeing the post cards from Sis Smith’s Dad.  We try not to read them.  He’s pretty amazing.  2016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-132016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-162016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-18Care package from home with a Frozen blanket for the cooling weather:2016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-212016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-222016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-24The Mail Master, Elder Call:2016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-252016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-262016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-272016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-28A special gift sent to Elder Cannon:

2016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-33Elder Smith’s Jonagold Apples!  And Elder Van De Venter’s POPCORN!2016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-342016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-35The treat table:2016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-36Preparing for those coming:2016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-372016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-38Getting ready for our Transfer Meeting:2016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-39Here we all are!2016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-412016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-422016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-432016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-442016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-452016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-472016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-482016-9-26 Monday Office, transfer mtg (52).JPGMissionaries emailing home:2016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-552016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-572016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-582016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-592016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-602016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-62Look who I ran into on my Costco run!2016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-63Back at the office again:2016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-642016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-652016-9-26-monday-office-transfer-mtg-66We LOVE our missionaries in the WYM!!

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I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I am currently serving as a Missionary in the Washington Yakima Mission. Welcome to my personal blog, Ann's Words, and my Mission blog, Our Yakima Mission. If you are interested in family history stories and histories, you can find those posted in Ann's Stories. Thanks for looking in!
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One Response to Monday at the Office. Transfer Meetings.

  1. Valerie Michalek says:

    it makes my heart so happy to see my daughters smile! Thanks for sharing.


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