September 2016 Departing Group: Monday Evening

2016-9-26-pm-departing-group-10Well, for 5 of our wonderful Elders (Jarvis, Watts, Shugart, Shupe and Brassanini), the day has come to leave their areas, come to the Mission Home, and prepare to head home tomorrow.  Some are dropped off here by companions, and some are brought here by faithful good members who take time to drive far distances to bring departing missionaries to us.   This is where the goodbyes begin.2016-9-26-pm-departing-group-122016-9-26-pm-departing-group-142016-9-26-pm-departing-group-22016-9-26-pm-departing-group-4

Missionaries come to the Mission Home between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m.  They have some time to relax (that hasn’t happened in about 2 years).  They fill out a departure questionnaire and take some deep breaths.  In the meantime, Sister Edwards and I are preparing a delicious Final Feast.2016-9-26-pm-departing-group-16The office couples, Elder and Sister Thompson and Elder and Sister Call join us for dinner and farewells.  This evening we had tri-tip, funeral potatoes, broccoli, glazed carrots and a nice green salad.2016-9-26-pm-departing-group-182016-9-26-pm-departing-group-192016-9-26-pm-departing-group-212016-9-26-pm-departing-group-262016-9-26-pm-departing-group-232016-9-26-pm-departing-group-24And then dessert!  Pumpkin Crunch Cake.  You are definitely going to want this recipe.  Everyone declared it THE BEST PUMPKIN DESSERT EVER!  Watch for the recipe to be posted with our mission recipes.  It was a huge hit.  There was not a crumb left!2016-9-26-pm-departing-group-272016-9-26-pm-departing-group-282016-9-26-pm-departing-group-292016-9-26-pm-departing-group-31President Lewis has been interviewing these 5 departing missionaries.  As he finished the interviews, the rest played some yard games in the dark:  Badminton and Spike Ball, a new favorite.2016-9-26-pm-departing-group-34Finishing the questionnaires: 2016-9-26-pm-departing-group-362016-9-26-pm-departing-group-372016-9-26-pm-departing-group-392016-9-26-pm-departing-group-40Weighing and re-arranging suitcase stuff.  Everyone is allowed 2 suitcase that weigh less than 50 lbs, and a carry-on.  The airlines are Strict! 2016-9-26-pm-departing-group-42We did a little laundry to brighten up some well-worn shirts:2016-9-26-pm-departing-group-43The APs are working on the logistics for transfers tomorrow:2016-9-26-pm-departing-group-45

Exhaustion sets in for each as the evening wears on.
2016-9-26-pm-departing-group-49    2016-9-26-pm-departing-group-502016-9-26-pm-departing-group-52Departing Group:2016-9-26-pm-departing-group-582016-9-26-pm-departing-group-62When the interviews and dinner are completed, we gather for a final testimony meeting.  Each Elder shared a memorable experience and their testimony.  Goodness Shared.2016-9-26-pm-departing-group-752016-9-26-pm-departing-group-762016-9-26-pm-departing-group-77Then we gave out the departure packets with flight plans, boarding passes and a few mission treasures.2016-9-26-pm-departing-group-782016-9-26-pm-departing-group-79We ended the day with a rousing few rounds of Rhythm Sticks!  I think most got to bed before midnight, and within minutes we were all sound asleep!2016-9-26-pm-departing-group-832016-9-26-pm-departing-group-86Pretzel man:
2016-9-26-pm-departing-group-912016-9-26-pm-departing-group-93There is a description of how to play Rhythm Sticks in a post.  You can search to find it.  And there are more photos from the day posted in an album on our Facebook page.

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