New Missionaries Arriving 27 September 2016!

Before our departing Elders were even through security, our new missionaries arrived!  The Changing of the Guard happened and our sadness was swallowed up in excitement as we met the next batch coming from the Provo MTC!  These are the first 4 of 12 to arrive today!img_8968img_8969Meet Sister Lowham, and Elders DeBry, Olivas and Wright:img_8971img_8975img_8977Back at the Mission Home, filling out some forms and writing a first letter home:img_8978img_8980img_8989img_8987Then it was time to feed these hungry missionaries, who had been up since 3:00 a.m.img_8983We had pulled pork sandwiches and introduced everyone to their first fresh-picked Honey Crisp apples!img_8981img_8984img_8988After lunch, some of our local missionaries came to take these 4 out to work this afternoon.  They had about 2 hours to step into our missionary world while we waited for the rest of the group to arrive from the Mexico MTC at 4:17 p.m.img_8991img_8993img_8994img_8995img_8996img_8998img_9002img_9004img_9005img_9007img_9009img_9011img_9012After they were off to have some adventures, we regrouped at the Mission Home, preparing for the next wave.  Beds needed to be changed and sheets washed.  Dinner for about 20 this evening was in the fixing.  And, as you know, there are always photos to be posted.  We keep busy here.

And then it was time to run to the airport to receive the next batch!  While we were gone, the first 4 returned to the Mission Home and met with the APs and the local missionaries to talk about their fun experiences.  We returned in time to hear part of their report.

The flight from Mexico to Dallas to Yakima was a bit early–these 8 met us in the baggage claim area.  All are accounted for and all the bags arrived safely!  Welcome to Yakima!img_9013img_9014img_9016img_9018img_9020What a handsome bunch!  We are so excited.  Just knowing that in a matter of weeks we will all be great friends makes me very excited!img_9022img_9024img_9025img_9026img_9033Alaskan Air brought them here:img_9035img_9036img_9037img_9039Arriving at the Mission Home:img_9041Here are the missionaries who were meeting downstairs when we arrived:img_9044img_9045img_9046img_9047Everyone meets!img_9048img_9050img_9052img_9053img_9056img_9057img_9058After some introductions, we got to hear more about the experiences the rest had this afternoon.  Wow, what a great group this is!img_9059img_9060

Their dinner appointment fell through, so we fed these hungry locals some lunch leftovers before sending them on their way.2016-9-27-arriving-group-822016-9-27-arriving-group-832016-9-27-arriving-group-88Then it was time for the next round!

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