September 2016 Departing Group: Tuesday Morning Farewells

2016-9-27-am-departing-group-2The Elders were up early on this final day of missionary life.  Reality is setting in.  They must leave us this morning.  There are a lot of emotions here in these quiet morning hours.2016-9-27-am-departing-group-3It’s a beautiful time of year here at the Mission Home:2016-9-27-am-departing-group-5And there are good things in the kitchen!  Check the recipes link for this Santa Fe Egg Casserole recipe and for the waffles and homemade syrup recipes.  You’ll need them!2016-9-27-am-departing-group-72016-9-27-am-departing-group-82016-9-27-am-departing-group-92016-9-27-am-departing-group-132016-9-27-am-departing-group-142016-9-27-am-departing-group-162016-9-27-am-departing-group-17Our faithful Assistants:2016-9-27-am-departing-group-182016-9-27-am-departing-group-19Leaving their mark:2016-9-27-am-departing-group-212016-9-27-am-departing-group-232016-9-27-am-departing-group-282016-9-27-am-departing-group-32The Faithful Five plus one old man:2016-9-27-am-departing-group-342016-9-27-am-departing-group-382016-9-27-am-departing-group-402016-9-27-am-departing-group-412016-9-27-am-departing-group-432016-9-27-am-departing-group-45The time is come.  Sad.  Those smiles are all fake.2016-9-27-am-departing-group-472016-9-27-am-departing-group-482016-9-27-am-departing-group-512016-9-27-am-departing-group-55Farewell dear friends.  Until we meet again.

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