New Missionaries on Transfer Morning

2016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-1Rise and Shine at the Mission Home!  Breakfast this morning was served at 7:30.  If you are new to breakfast at the Mission Home, please go to the Mission Recipes link and learn how to make these perfect waffles and cinnamon cream syrup.  YUM. The Santa Fe Egg Casserole is also there.  It’s a good one.  You can do your own bacon.  But come to Yakima for some fresh fruit!2016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-22016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-42016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-52016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-72016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-92016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-102016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-112016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-122016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-142016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-15What??? no more homemade syrup????2016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-162016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-172016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-182016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-19The APs tagged and loaded some of the bags while the rest of us headed downstairs for some more orientation information.2016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-202016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-212016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-222016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-232016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-242016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-252016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-262016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-272016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-292016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-282016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-30Then it was time to head to Pres Lewis’s office for the opening of the transfer board!  The moment everyone has been waiting for. . .  who will be serving where??2016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-33(It’s sort of like CHRISTMAS!!)2016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-35Everyone gets to hunt for their picture to see who their companion will be and where they will be going today!2016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-362016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-372016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-382016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-402016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-412016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-44Here they are with a photo of their Trainer!  Now they get to go find them!2016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-45We finished tagging and loading up the rest of the luggage to head to the Yakima Stake Center, our transfer site.2016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-47Packages have arrived from  home for many:2016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-482016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-492016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-502016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-51Then everyone packed a lunch.  Some will be taking long road trips today.  Others will be staying here in the Yakima Valley.2016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-312016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-522016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-532016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-542016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-56Ready now to head to the transfer site:2016-9-28-arrivals-transfers-57

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