Mission Leadership Council

2016-10-4-mlc-209Today was our monthly MLC meeting here in Yakima.  We love these meetings because we meet with amazing missionaries who love being here, who work hard, and who share a vision of good with the rest of the mission.  These are our leaders.

Welcoming everyone as they arrived:2016-10-4-mlc-22016-10-4-mlc-32016-10-4-mlc-62016-10-4-mlc-72016-10-4-mlc-8The Assistants going over the agenda:2016-10-4-mlc-92016-10-4-mlc-102016-10-4-mlc-162016-10-4-mlc-192016-10-4-mlc-212016-10-4-mlc-222016-10-4-mlc-232016-10-4-mlc-242016-10-4-mlc-252016-10-4-mlc-272016-10-4-mlc-282016-10-4-mlc-292016-10-4-mlc-302016-10-4-mlc-312016-10-4-mlc-332016-10-4-mlc-362016-10-4-mlc-372016-10-4-mlc-392016-10-4-mlc-482016-10-4-mlc-792016-10-4-mlc-40President Lewis greeting each missionary:2016-10-4-mlc-44Our mission song, Called to Serve:2016-10-4-mlc-492016-10-4-mlc-502016-10-4-mlc-512016-10-4-mlc-52Elder Cannon conducting:2016-10-4-mlc-54Here is our agenda for today:2016-10-4-mlc-602016-10-4-mlc-552016-10-4-mlc-562016-10-4-mlc-572016-10-4-mlc-59Snack break:2016-10-4-mlc-642016-10-4-mlc-662016-10-4-mlc-672016-10-4-mlc-68I love the note-taking that goes on around here:2016-10-4-mlc-712016-10-4-mlc-722016-10-4-mlc-732016-10-4-mlc-742016-10-4-mlc-752016-10-4-mlc-762016-10-4-mlc-78  2016-10-4-mlc-63

Then the APs taught and we gathered ideas on good ways to find people to teach.2016-10-4-mlc-832016-10-4-mlc-85Then we talked about Weekly Planning and ways to encourage and improve, and Hna Hansena and Tecuatl reminded us of a training we had last year using CHANT when we approach people.  C = Compliment them, H = be Happy, A = Ask questions, N = call them by Name and T = Testify.2016-10-4-mlc-872016-10-4-mlc-89Next we reviewed these ides from our Member Missionary Council (M&M) a few weeks ago:2016-10-4-mlc-90The red parts are new additions.2016-10-4-mlc-912016-10-4-mlc-922016-10-4-mlc-932016-10-4-mlc-95Time for Lunch!  White Chili and Hodgepodge soups, cornbread and hot french bread, apples and apple dip.  Pumpkin Crumble Cake for dessert.  (The recipes are posted in the Mission Recipe link.)2016-10-4-mlc-992016-10-4-mlc-1022016-10-4-mlc-1032016-10-4-mlc-1052016-10-4-mlc-1092016-10-4-mlc-1122016-10-4-mlc-1132016-10-4-mlc-1212016-10-4-mlc-1222016-10-4-mlc-1252016-10-4-mlc-1262016-10-4-mlc-1272016-10-4-mlc-1292016-10-4-mlc-1302016-10-4-mlc-1322016-10-4-mlc-1332016-10-4-mlc-1342016-10-4-mlc-1352016-10-4-mlc-136Everyone loves my African frogs!2016-10-4-mlc-1382016-10-4-mlc-139Then we got back to work, setting our mission goals for October and November.  Before we ended Elder Kinnear shared his final testimony.  He will be returning home to get medical help next week.  Elder Kinnear has been an outstanding missionary here, accomplishing in one year what most take 2 years to accomplish.  We are not sure how we will manage without him.  2016-10-4-mlc-1412016-10-4-mlc-144Then some visiting and farewells, until we all meet again!2016-10-4-mlc-1432016-10-4-mlc-1462016-10-4-mlc-1492016-10-4-mlc-1522016-10-4-mlc-1652016-10-4-mlc-1672016-10-4-mlc-1702016-10-4-mlc-1732016-10-4-mlc-1752016-10-4-mlc-1792016-10-4-mlc-1832016-10-4-mlc-1852016-10-4-mlc-1872016-10-4-mlc-189New Newsletter was distributed today!2016-10-4-mlc-1922016-10-4-mlc-1932016-10-4-mlc-2022016-10-4-mlc-2042016-10-4-mlc-205

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