Doctrine of Christ Training

img_9739We had a Doctrine of Christ Training this morning at the Mission Home.  Our 7 week old missionaries came with their companions to learn and be edified as we studied the scriptures together.  It’s a wonderful training.  President Lewis teaches about Understanding our Purpose and I teach from 2 Nephi 313-33 about the Doctrine of Christ.2016-10-5-doc-tt-194img_9742img_9744img_9748img_9749img_9750img_9754img_9755The Assistants also taught.  img_9757img_9759img_9761img_9763img_9764img_9766img_9767img_9769img_9773img_9775img_9778img_9780img_9784Role plays helping investigators start reading, actually reading the Book of Mormon:img_9788img_9794img_9796img_9799img_9801We had food left from MLC yesterday, so we added a bit and invited everyone to stay for lunch. Yum.img_9804img_9805img_9807img_9808img_9811img_9816img_9819Then they all headed back to their areas to go to work!  It was a great morning.img_9820img_9830img_9832img_9833img_9836

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