Daily Dose Conference in Ephrata

2016-10-8-daily-dose-conf-ephrata-2This morning in Ephrata we had our semi-annual Daily Dose Conference.  Elder and Sister Chamberlain organized a wonderful meeting, followed by a luncheon.  Daily Dose leaders and facilitators from our entire mission area attended.  We were happy to be there.  We love the Daily Dose program and encourage all of our missionaries to encourage people they meet to take advantage of these free English lessons.2016-10-8-daily-dose-conf-ephrata-32016-10-8-daily-dose-conf-ephrata-52016-10-8-daily-dose-conf-ephrata-4While we were meeting, one of the Ephrata Districts was having a meeting down the hall.  They were invited to join us for lunch and visit with the Daily Dose volunteers.2016-10-8-daily-dose-conf-ephrata-72016-10-8-daily-dose-conf-ephrata-92016-10-8-daily-dose-conf-ephrata-102016-10-8-daily-dose-conf-ephrata-112016-10-8-daily-dose-conf-ephrata-122016-10-8-daily-dose-conf-ephrata-142016-10-8-daily-dose-conf-ephrata-162016-10-8-daily-dose-conf-ephrata-18I popped in on the District meeting earlier as they were doing role plays:2016-10-8-dlo-ephrata-12016-10-8-dlo-ephrata-22016-10-8-dlo-ephrata-32016-10-8-dlo-ephrata-42016-10-8-dlo-ephrata-6We are surrounded by good people doing good things.  I don’t think  most realize how much volunteer work goes on in this church.  It’s really amazing.

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