Interviews in Omak

2016-10-11-omak-1On the road to Omak.  Elder Wunderlich and Elder Wilde are our Omak Zone Leaders.  We met with them this morning to start our day.2016-10-11-omak-52016-10-11-omak-12

Elder Wilde and Elder Wunderlich2016-10-11-omak-4Elder Wilde:  We were taught how to be happy.  The Brethren were straight forward about what we need to be doing.  Don’t rationalize or rebel.

Elder Wunderlich:  There was a lot about prayer and utilizing the Atonement and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  I loved the parts about missionary work and being a disciple of Jesus Christ and sharing our testimonies of Him.  I want to know Jesus Christ more.

Elder Boshard and Elder Painter (serving in Coulee Dam)2016-10-11-omak-16Elder Boshard:  Conference was probably my favorite one Ever.  I loved the talks on missionary work.  They’ve helped me help with ward mission plans.  I thought Pres. Monson’s talk on the Word of Wisdom was interesting.  Why that topic?  What does he know?  They taught simple doctrines–the most important:  Doctrine of Christ, Plan of Salvation and Missionary work.

Elder Painter:  I loved how everyone had such a happy countenance!  The main message was Finding Joy.  I loved the promises about missionary work from Elder Oaks.  We are in a bubble of goodness!

Notes to moms:2016-10-11-omak-18

Elder Hibbard and Elder West2016-10-11-omak-21Elder Hibbard:  The messages were simple.  Back to basics.  I felt like the Brethren are sandbagging us, fortifying us against the future.  They taught what we need to know.  We are all on a path, but in different places.

Elder West:  The talks centered on the basics.  When they taught the Joseph Smith story (our investigator was there) I was ecstatic!  I wrote down all my impressions about changes I want to make.  Messages centered on Joseph Smith, the Restoration, how not to fall away, and strengthening the church.2016-10-11-omak-24

Elder Dalton and Elder Amat (serving in Oroville)2016-10-11-omak-26Elder Dalton:  Simple doctrines focusing on things that will lead us to exaltation.  The Apostles taught with stories that applied to us, then they testified.

Elder Amat:  There were a lot of good stories.  I liked Elder Holland about home teaching and the lady with the flood.  I liked hearing about repentance and member missionary work from Elder Oaks.2016-10-11 Omak (20).JPG2016-10-11-omak-30

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