Interviews in Wenatchee, day #2

2016-10-13-wenatchee-2It’s been a rainy week in the northern parts of the mission.  Today we stayed in Wenatchee to finish the interviews with the rest of the Spanish-speaking missionaries there.  2016-10-13-wenatchee-3We met first with Elder Call and Elder Aguirre, our wonderful Zone Leaders.  Elder Call goes home next transfer.  We will miss him here.2016-10-13-wenatchee-52016-10-13-wenatchee-6

Elder Call and Elder Aguirre2016-10-13-wenatchee-8Elder Call:  I loved Elder Cornish’s talk:  You are Good Enough.  Heavenly Father loves us.  I liked the focus on getting back to the basics.  Focus on Foundations.

Elder Aguirre:  I loved Carol McConkie’s talk on Prayer.  It was huge.  There was such a lot about prayer.  I also loved the talk by Pres Uchtdorf, Fourth Floor, Last Door.  Many talks took us back to the basics:  Plan of Salvation, Word of Wisdom, Book of Mormon and Prayer.

Elder Etter and Elder Christensen2016-10-13-wenatchee-11Elder Etter:  Elder Bednar’s talk stands out the most to me–how to really know Christ and build a relationship with Him and a testimony of Him, the Gospel and the Restoration.  We need to have a solid foundation in Christ.  We are taught and now we must apply what we heard and learned.  We need to make it more.

Elder Christensen:  I loved Elder Cornish’s talk, Am I Good Enough?  I also loved President Uchtdorf and the Japanese Elder who talked about being ambitious for Christ.  My main impression:  I’m OK!  It was awesome!

Elder Adams and Elder Boren2016-10-13-wenatchee-16Elder Adams:  I loved the talk about prayer and the Inca bridge at Machu Pichu.  We need to follow spiritual promptings when they come, and then follow through with our actions.  Loved Elder Rasband’s talk on Faith and the feeling I got when he said, “You know what to do, now do it!”  We must keep building our faith and use our faith to keep going.  Humility + Faith = Miracles!

Elder Boren:  There were a lot of talks about Faith and the importance of Love and how we can show love.  We don’t need to over complicate things.


Hermana Parry and Hermana Lindsay2016-10-13-wenatchee-23Hermana Parry:  I liked the talks on Missionary Work, and the Doctrine of Christ.  There was also a focus on Repentance.  I can’t wait to read them all in English!  My favorite thought:  We can always be repenting so we can always have more joy.

Hermana Lindsay:  All the talks related back to Preach My Gospel for me.  Just read PMG and study–we learned about The Plan of Salvation, The Doctrine of Christ, and the Restoration.  We can make it.  It’s not out of our reach.  Loved Elder Cornish and the talk on Joy.  What a contrast to the World.  The Gospel is simple and it brings happiness.  I can’t wait to read it all again!

Hermana Hansen and Hermana Tecuatl2016-10-13-wenatchee-24Hermana Hansen:  I loved Elder Gary Stevenson’s talk on the Book of Mormon.  I love the Book of Mormon!!  I’ve read it 3 times in English and 1 time in Spanish since I’ve been here.  I’ll finish it one more time before I go home.  I loved Carol McConkie’s talk and the talk on Prayer.  Are you actually praying, or just saying prayers?

Hermana Tecuatl:  I loved conference!  It was amazing because all of my questions were answered.  I loved learning more about Prayer.  I know He’s there.  When we address Him, He hears us.  I needed to feel that.  I also loved hearing that it’s easy to follow Jesus because He loves us first.  We need to focus more on prayer.  Elder Ballard’s talk was also powerful:  “Where would you go?”2016-10-13-wenatchee-28

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