Interviews in Othello

2016-10-14-othello-2Another day, another Zone, this time in Othello!  Elder Allsop is a new Zone Leader here–he took Elder Kinnear’s place with Elder Favila.  These two are doing a great job leading this very fun zone.  I say fun because they Love the Work and they work hard.2016-10-14-othello-5Here’s what the schedule looks like.  We usually fall off the schedule after the first hour or so.  We left the building at 8:00 p.m.  That’s our norm these days, these long wonderful days.


Elder Allsop and Elder Favila2016-10-14-othello-7Elder Allsop:  President Monson, “God’s Plan is Perfect.”  Yep.  It’s the only plan for us to be happy.  We heard simple things to be happy.  I loved Pres. Uchtdorf’s talk on the Plan of Salvation.  Don’t let a problem to be solved ever become more important than a person to be loved.  The messages were doctrine-filled.  I felt the goodness.

Elder Favila:  First, I loved Pres. Uchtdorf’s opening talk on the Plan of Salvation.  Don’t take these things for granted.  Be thankful every day for the little things.  I loved the emphasis on our purpose.  We get to participate and choose for ourselves what we want to become.

Elder Nunez and Elder Garcia2016-10-14-othello-12Elder Nunez:  I loved Elder Hales talking about coming back.  Sometimes we get offended.  We need to put those things aside and come to Christ and Heavenly Father’s love.  I loved Elder Ballard’s talk too.  I thought about my family.  We need to forgive everyone, take no offense, and forgive everyone, no matter what.

Elder Garcia:  I loved feeling the Spirit and what the Prophet and Apostles had to tell us about what we need to do.  Thomas S. Monson is a prophet and he’s proof of what he said about the Word of Wisdom blessing us.  I loved the talk about the man without a leg.  Go forward and find your purpose!  Heavenly Father loves us unconditionally.  Go forward and find your purpose.

Hermana Torrez and Hermana Hernandez2016-10-14-othello-13Hermana Torrez:  I want to be able to teach just like Pres. Uchtdorf!  I want to study how he taught so simply.  I loved the talks specifically addressed to the missionaries. It was really cool.  The focus was on the Basics.  I felt like we heard Primary answers expounded beautifully for 8 hours.  I loved it.

Hermana Hernandez:  I loved the focus on Faith and how we can improve our faith.  Before I was baptized, I didn’t know about faith.  I liked Elder Ballard’s talk about less-active members.  Remember how you felt when you first learned, what you felt, what people were surrounding you.  Keep going, don’t give up.  It gives me energy and instruction to go bring others back.  We can make an impact on others.

Hermana Fano and Hermana Aldrich2016-10-14-othello-14Hermana Fano:  2 things I loved:  1. Joy comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Ultimate joy on a higher level.  2. Elder Cornish said we are good enough.  We just need to try.  Sometimes I feel I have to do more and it makes me feel overwhelmed.  I loved these talks.

Hermana Aldrich:  I love Elder Gary Stevenson’s talk:  “As she looked to the book, she looked to the Lord.”  I loved the focus of knowing the doctrine.  I love the Book of Mormon.  Bonny Oscarson said, “Unleash converted women to change the Kingdom of Heaven!”2016-10-14-othello-15The District:2016-10-14-othello-212016-10-14-othello-23Some people are too tall to fit in my camera’s view.2016-10-14-othello-25

Elder Donakey and Elder Klossner2016-10-14-othello-28Elder Donakey:  Quit worrying about deep doctrine.  Loved Elder Oaks on member-missionary work.  Endure to the End.  Keep Doing.  Be Calm.  The Gospel is Simple.  Don’t Stress.

Elder Klossner:  “There is no greater witness than God’s.”  Messages centered on the Atonement.  We are never too far away from the reach of the Atonement.

Hermana Bangerter and Hermana Dungan2016-10-14-othello-29Hermana Bangerter:  Remember.  Love.  Believe.  Serve Jesus Christ.  Don’t just believe Jesus, believe He can change you.  Remembering Jesus Christ reminds me why I’m here.  Just serve.  I had a continuous impressing to work on my personal prayers.

Hermana Dungan:  They said a lot about Repentance.  Oh My Goodness I loved Christ testifying of Joseph Smith.  I’m really appreciating Joseph Smith for the first time now.   As long as you’re following the will of God you will be successful.2016-10-14-othello-302016-10-14-othello-36

Elder Steadman and Elder Tapia2016-10-14-othello-42Elder Steadman:  Conference was a massive call to repentance for about 10 hours.  The emphasis was on happiness and the joy repentance can bring.  Repentance brings Joy.

Elder Tapia:  I had an interesting conference experience because most of the time I was helping others listen (translating and working with headphones).  I felt Heavenly Father’s love for every person in this world (not just for me).  I could understand His love more.  That helped me understand more that I need to do to love everyone, to see every person with God’s eyes.2016-10-14-othello-37

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