Interviews in Moses Lake

2016-10-15-moses-lake-1On Oct 7 we started interviewing in Moses Lake.  Today we finished.  Elders Poloncic and Ranta organized the missionaries here for our return.  They’re great ZLs.

I always enjoy looking at this poster on the bulletin board.  Missionaries who serve here sign this poster.  I loved remembering many who have gone home when I saw their names.2016-10-15-moses-lake-42016-10-15-moses-lake-5Here is the lay of the land in the Moses Lake Stake Center:2016-10-15-moses-lake-6And these are the Lovely Sisters who welcomed us!2016-10-15-moses-lake-11

Sister Smith and Sister Rasmussen (Sister Training Leaders)
2016-10-15-moses-lake  2016-10-15-moses-lake
Sister Smith:  I loved the emphasis on missionary work!  I was so excited.  We heard a lot about prayer and the power and importance of sincere prayer.  They are gearing us up.  We were told to be ambitious for Christ.  There must be a test coming.  We must be ready.

Sister Rasmussen:  I remember the themes:  Atonement, diligence in missionary work and member-missionary work.  Loved it all.

Sister Mork, Sister McCourt and Sister Heffernan2016-10-15-moses-lake-3Sister Mork:  Repentance is Joy!  All the talks were about Repentance.  I loved the Joy talk.  I was reading this morning in Alma 31 about being “swallowed up in the joy of Jesus Christ.”  Every day joy can be ours.

Sister McCourt:  I remember 2 things:  1. Elder Bednar called me to repentance.  2. Elder Natress talked about Mothers and reading the Book of Mormon with our children.  The boy said, “I’m not listening.”  The mom said, “I will not lose you.”  We can have joy in our children.  I am on a mission for my children.  I want them to know without a douby that I believe.

Sister Heffernan:  Elder Cornish said “There is no such thing as being good enough.”  Elder Christofferson said, “We will be judged based on what we have become.”  They talked about making sure the gospel still excites me.

Sister Heffernan’s conference journal entries:2016-10-15-moses-lake-152016-10-15-moses-lake-18President Lewis is showing off pictures of our new grandson:2016-10-15-moses-lake-212016-10-15-moses-lake-23

Elder Veropalumbo and Elder Harman2016-10-15-moses-lake-26Elder Veropalumbo:  I liked everything.  It’s the best General Conference I’ve ever had.  Each talk was deep and I found something in each.  Focus was on the Doctrine of Christ and the Will of God.  Prophets are the tops!  They know everything.  It was awesome!

Elder Harman:  I loved Elder Nelson’s talk on Joy:  “For the joy that was set before him, Christ suffered for us.”  He spoke about how to get through afflictions with joy.  Jesus Christ is Joy.  I also Loved President Monson’s talk.  He’s old and he’s tired.  I wondered if this was his last lecture series talk to us.

2016-10-15-moses-lake-272016-10-15-moses-lake-29This is our last interview stop this week and these are the last of the DOZENS of cookies we brought.  The Elders were happy to take a few extras home!2016-10-15-moses-lake-30Farewell on this beautiful rainy fall day.2016-10-15-moses-lake-10

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