Interviews in the Selah Zone

2016-10-20-interviews-selah-1Today we visited with the Selah Zone in the Selah Stake Center (except for the Ellensburg District).  These missionaries are serving in the Selah and Yakima Valleys.  It was a cold rainy day out, but we kept warm with good company.  Elder Leavitt and Elder Carroll are the Zone Leaders here.2016-10-20-interviews-selah-2

Elder Carroll and Elder Leavitt2016-10-20-interviews-selah-4Elder Carroll:  I loved Elder Holland’s talk on serving others.  People in the church can sometimes be not perfect if baptismal covenants aren’t kept.  We must lift others, as Home Teachers and Visiting Teachers.  We are here to help each other take care of problems.

Elder Leavitt:  I love Elder Eyring.  I loved the talk on Joy.  There were tons of talks on Repentance and Forgiving Others.  It’s important and necessary that we repent and that we allow others to repent.

Sister Boehmer and Sister Christensen2016-10-20-interviews-selah-6Sister Boehmer:  A lot of talks had to do with the Atonement.  It was really cool because that has been a focus in my studies.  I liked that someone said, “you can’t be so far down that road that Christ’s Atonement can’t reach you.”  I loved the talk by Elder Oaks on member-missionary work and how members can be involved.  Elder Hales said we build faith by sharing it.

Sister Christensen:  I got the impression during conference that I need to pray with more sincerity.  He is always listening.  Always.  He will give us faith not to give up.

Notes to moms and cookies.2016-10-20-interviews-selah-11

Elder Ence and Elder Putnam2016-10-20-interviews-selah-12Elder Ence:  I loved Elder Yamashito’s talk on being ambitious for Christ and the story about the missionary who questioned why he was there when he had to return home for medical help.  We all have a purpose.  We may not know, but God knows.  I loved Elder Oaks’ talk on member-missionary work and the 7 + 3 things we can do to be better missionaries.

Elder Putnam:  A lot of talks were about the basic teachings of the gospel like the Book of Mormon and Repentance–things that are the most important and essential to our salvation.  My favorite was the first talk by Pres. Uchtdorf.  I also loved Elder Oaks.

Elder Hoskins and Elder Johnson2016-10-20-interviews-selah-16Elder Hoskins:  I LOVED General Conference!  I noticed almost every talk was about Joy.  I’ve been stuck on happiness and joy ever since.  Heavenly Father has a purpose and it is to give us joy.  All my questions were answered.  As I figure things out, I have more joy.  I’m writing quotes from the conference talks on sticky notes and putting them on my wall.

Elder Johnson:  I love Elder Oaks’ talk about sharing the restored gospel.  I love lists of things to do.  He gave a great list!  I also loved the Forth Floor, Last Door talk.  I makes me want to knock on every door in Yakima!  It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!


Sister Fox and Sister Miller2016-10-20-interviews-selah-27Sister Fox:   I loved the focus in conference on the Plan of Salvation and Joy.  I stuck out to me how many times they mentioned Joy.  I loved the Machu Pichu story about prayer.  I’m working on more sincere prayers.

Sister Miller:  I LOVED this General Conference!  It’s like a Missionary Christmas!  We got a lot out of it.  The talks were super simple and easy to understand.  The focus for me was on the Plan of Salvation and the Doctrine of Christ.  My favorite talk was Elder Christofferson on abiding in the Savior’s love.  To abide means to remain.  The choices we make determine if we are aligned with His will.

Sister Robalin and Sister Torman2016-10-20-interviews-selah-28Sister Robalin:  Everyone talked about simple precepts of the gospel like the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration.  Little things make up everything!  All the missionary related talks were so good for missionary work.  I also loved the MTC Choir!

Sister Torman:  I loved how they talked about simple truths like the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, the church, sacrament, the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration.  All are related and work together.  For me, Elder Bednar’s talk was a favorite about believing Christ, the Atonement and knowing He can help us.2016-10-20-interviews-selah-31One year ago today Sister Robalin and Sister Torman sat on the flight to Yakima together.  They took this photo that day.  Here they are, a year later as companions!2016-10-20-interviews-selah-32

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