Interviews in Ellensburg

2016-10-21-interviews-ellensburg-14Today we went to Ellensburg to visit the missionaries serving there and in Cle Elum.

Elder Camit is our District Leader here.  He serves with Elder Ackerman2016-10-21-interviews-ellensburg-1Elder Camit:  I enjoyed Elder Nelson’s talk on Joy.  We have a right to experience joy in this life.  I also enjoyed Pres. Uchtdorf’s talk on the Plan of Salvation.  Peace and Joy.  Don’t be unhappy.  Have joy living the gospel.  I liked Elder Rasband saying “things figure themselves out.”  Don’t worry.  Be happy.

Elder Ackerman:  I liked Elder Cornish’s talk:  You are Good Enough.  Also the Fourth Floor, Last Door talk from the Women’s Broadcast.  My impressions during conference:  work on my personal prayers and scripture study.

Notes to moms:2016-10-21-interviews-ellensburg-3

Sister Carroll and Sister Grigg2016-10-21-interviews-ellensburg-7Sister Carroll:  I’ve been thinking about the question, “How much do I know my Savoir?  from Elder Bednar’s talk.  If you were the only source of telling your children about Jesus Christ, how much would they know?    I felt the main topics of conference were Repentance, the Plan of Salvation, Knowing the Savior and Love of Christ.  These topics were in every single session.

Sister Grigg:  Conference was a call to repentance.  We learned about the Plan of Salvation, the Doctrine of Christ, Having Joy, and Knowing the Savior.  I loved the references to the talk “A Piece to My Sisters” from last year’s Women’s Broadcast.

Sister Goodrich and Sister Atkinson (STL)2016-10-21-interviews-ellensburg-11Sister Goodrich:  I loved Pres. Monson teaching that everything Heavenly Father does is for our benefit.  It reminds me of Moses 1:39, His purpose.  Everything He does is aimed at that purpose.  I loved listening to the Brethren.  I want the people we teach to feel that about me.  I want them to love our message!  God is in control.  We are happy.

Sister Atkinson:  I really loved the talk about the Infinite Love Heavenly Father has for us.  But that doesn’t mean we’re automatically saved.  We have to turn to Him.  It’s Infinite Love.  No Mater What.   I loved the 4th Floor, Last Door talk.  It’s the story of my mom’s conversion when she was 13, living in Spain and the missionaries knocked on her door.

Sister Shewell and Sister Knight2016-10-21-interviews-ellensburg-13Hermana Shewell: I went to conference with a question:  How can I prepare to be a good mother in these Last Days?  What do I do?  The Saturday morning session began by teaching Parenting!  Tips on what’s really important.  I took 13 pages of notes (inspiration I received from the speakers!).  When Pres. Monson spoke, I felt, “That’s the Prophet!”  I love him.

Hermana Knight:  A lot of the talks were about Repentance.  It made me think more thoroughly about my life and repenting.  I really loved Elder Holland’s talk and thought about how people in our ward can be our family.  We take care of each other.

2016-10-21-interviews-ellensburg-20Happy Hump Day!2016-10-21-interviews-ellensburg-21

Elder Bee and Elder Hanson2016-10-21-interviews-ellensburg-25Elder Bee:  My favorite conference talk was the first one by Pres. Uchtdorf about the Plan of Salvation.  I felt peace and comfort as he spoke.  I loved the focus on member-missionary work and how the General Authorities are giving the same message we’ve been focusing on here in the WYM.  It’s helping our work.

Elder Hanson:  I loved Pres. Uchtdorf’s talk about the Plan of Salvation.  We’ve started teaching it first (with the college kids here).  We’ve been teaching tons of lessons.  I also loved Elder Holland’s talk about Home Teaching.  Super good.  Missionary Work is the same way.  Why can’t we all get a perfect 100%?  Members are like missionaries to the less-actives.  It’s missionary work!  Do it!!  I loved that talk.  It’s also perfect for after our missions.2016-10-21-interviews-ellensburg-9Yay, Days for Girls!!2016-10-21-interviews-ellensburg-302016-10-21-interviews-ellensburg-31

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