Church and Interviews in Sunnyside

2016-10-23 Cody Johnson farewell.jpgToday we joined a big crowd in Sunnyside to be with our good friend, Coby Johnson, who is leaving this week for his mission in Mozambique.  Coby served in our YWM for a transfer this summer while he was waiting to go.  We love him and are thrilled about his call.  I am an American with an African heart, so this is especially dear to me.

We had a few special WYM visitors from Utah who came to wish Coby well.  2016-10-23-sunnyside-church-interviews-32016-10-23-sunnyside-church-interviews-4Sometimes I can’t imagine that my heart could swell any more to make room for more missionaries.  But more come, and it does.  And when our missionaries like these go home, and return, the spaces they stretched in my heart fill again and I embrace them and love them EVEN MORE.

Elder Krogue’s parents:2016-10-23-sunnyside-church-interviews-6After church we spent the rest of the day here doing interviews with the great missionaries of Sunnyside.

Elder Hanna, Elder Flamm and Elder Oliverson2016-10-23-sunnyside-church-interviews-11Elder Hanna:  My favorite conference talk was “O How Great the Plan of our God” by Pres Uchtdorf.  How grateful I am for all we have and know.  We will live after this life.  We can choose.  We can be made clean.  That talk helped me enjoy all the rest of conference this is amazing.  I felt Joy and keep it in the forefront of my mind when I’m teaching.

Elder Flamm: I thought more about my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I heard:  Are you repenting and praying?  Are you doing the things you need to do to know Jesus?  How is your personal conversion?  Here’s how to improve.  Keep going.

Elder Oliverson:  I loved Elder Oaks’ talk.  People are ready to learn when they’re ready, not necessarily when we are ready to teach them.  It’s given me a new perspective.  That’s all I remember.  My mom sent Red Hots to help me stay awake!

2016-10-23-sunnyside-church-interviews-13Updating the area book:2016-10-23-sunnyside-church-interviews-20

Hermana Hinkle and Hermana Buss2016-10-23-sunnyside-church-interviews-21Hermana Hinkle:  Main message:  Don’t look beyond the mark.  People are more important than problems.  The Savior should be our focal point.  Themes I heard:  Forgiveness, Cleansing power of the Atonement, He wants to forgive and empower us.

Hermana Buss:  I loved the focus on Joy and how the gospel brings joy.  I also loved the emphasis on the Book of Mormon.  We had an investigator with us and it was perfect.  This was my first time listening in Spanish!2016-10-23-sunnyside-church-interviews-22

Sister Van Orden and Sister Fabiano2016-10-23-sunnyside-church-interviews-23Sister Van Orden:  The Elder from Japan and Elder Oaks were my favorites.  Trust God.  Be Ambitious for Christ.  Be Happy and bring light to others so people can recognize us as representatives of Christ.  Themes:  Repentance, how to teach repentance.

Sister Fabiano:  Press Forward and Enduring to the End were the parts of the gospel I heard.  I loved the closing song Saturday morning:  If the Way Be Full of Trial, Worry Not. Repent and turn back to God.  The Elder from Japan is the Japanese version of Pres. Lewis.  I loved Elder Bednar’s talk about faith in Jesus Christ.  Believe Him.  Loved Elder Renlund.

Elder Pruett and Elder Cataldo2016-10-23-sunnyside-church-interviews-24Elder Pruett:  The underlying message for me was to gain a spiritual knowledge of how the Lord wants us to be and act on that.  Learn to allow you to teach other people.  Attributes of Christ should be applied in our lives as we teach others.  Take comfort in trusting and understanding His Plan.

Elder Cataldo:  (coming)

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  1. Bevis D Pruett says:

    Searched this page and found this post. Thank you Sister Lewis, its good to see our young sons growing into fine priesthood holders.


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