Interviews in Goldendale

2016-10-25-interviews-goldendale-1We left early this morning for Goldendale where we met with our 2 Elders serving there, Elder Bouck and Elder Jeffs.  Here is the Seminary room, where the high school students meet every morning, early:2016-10-25-interviews-goldendale-2

Elder Bouck and Elder Jeffs2016-10-25-interviews-goldendale-3Elder Bouck:  My message from General Conference was to always work on growing my faith and understanding.  Never put off growing.  Learn Every Day.  Keep Working.

Elder Jeffs:  I loved Elder Bednar’s talk about knowing Jesus Christ.  Do I strive to know the Lord?  Am I working to know Him, to have a relationship with Him?  Do I know Him or know of Him?

This is the Family History Center where the missionaries do their P-day emailing:2016-10-25-interviews-goldendale-62016-10-25-interviews-goldendale-72016-10-25-interviews-goldendale-8The leaves are falling, vibrant and red.2016-10-25-interviews-goldendale-9The cemetery across the street from the church is beautiful this time of year.2016-10-25-interviews-goldendale-11

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