Interviews in Hood River

2016-10-25-interviews-zhood-river-1Elder Christensen and Elder Burbank are our Zone Leaders in The Dalles Zone.  We caught up to them doing exchanges in Hood River today.  After visiting with them about the zone, we met with the rest of the Hood River and Stevenson missionaries here.2016-10-25-interviews-zhood-river-22016-10-25-interviews-zhood-river-22

Elder Burbank and Elder Christensen2016-10-25-interviews-zhood-river-23Elder Burbank:  I went in to listening to conference with questions.  I needed answers.  Instead I learned something different.  I learned that I needed to repent and change my life more than I had.  That brings joy.

Elder Christensen:  My favorite talk was Elder Holland’s during the Priesthood Session on Home Teaching.  Wards struggle with it.  It was good for me to hear the story he told about the woman who needed help.  The theme for me:  We Can Do More!  Repent.  Change.  Become more like Christ.  Follow the Spirit.

Elder Petersen and Elder Summit (serving in Stevenson)2016-10-25-interviews-zhood-river-24Elder Petersen:  I really liked conference.  The focus was on missionary work being everyone’s duty.  Also Repentance helps us draw closer to the Savior.

Elder Summit:  They kept it really simple in conference.  Plan of Salvation, God is our Loving Heavenly Father.  Restoration.  All kept simple.  It refreshed our minds on what we should focus on.  I liked Elder Nelson’s talk on JOY.  We can find joy in what we’re doing and in our afflictions.

Hermana Baird and Hermana Hull2016-10-25-interviews-zhood-river-7Hermana Baird:  Conference:  they basically taught Preach My Gospel.  It’s so important to know the basic doctrines.  So good.  So much.  They talked about the importance of being personally converted.  I felt like they were teaching right out of Preach My Gospel about the Plan of Salvation and the Book of Mormon.

Hermana Young and Hermana Andrews2016-10-25-interviews-zhood-river-10Hermana Young:  Conference:  LOVE.  I was totally directed.  It was like a holiday for a missionary.  I loved Pres. Uchtdorf: “At the last days you will be overwhelmed and astonished by the grace of God.”  I always want to know if I’m good enough, doing enough. I also loved his talk at the Women’s Broadcast where he said, “Walk with whatever faith you have.  Always keep walking with whatever faith you can muster out of yourself.”

Hermana Andrews:  I’m thinking I need to be more grateful and see His Hand in what’s going on around me.  They talked a lot about joy and finding joy.  We find joy through gratitude.2016-10-25-interviews-zhood-river-122016-10-25-interviews-zhood-river-14Notes to moms and homemade cookies:2016-10-25-interviews-zhood-river-162016-10-25-interviews-zhood-river-17

Elder Hamblin and Elder Vejnar2016-10-25-interviews-zhood-river-20Elder Hamblin:  I noticed they talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and how we should read and share it with others.  Love, Service, Joy.  President Nelson said to find Joy in all we do.  Elder Oaks’ talk on Member Missionary Work was great!

Elder Vejnar:  There was a huge focus on the Plan of Salvation and how great it is.  I loved the Machu Pichu talk about prayer.  It put things into perspective for me.  I loved Pres. Uchtdorf’s talk on Faith.  Faith can’t do 2 things:  it can’t Change God’s Will and it can’t Affect Someone Else’s Agency.

Hanging in the room where I was visiting with the missionaries:2016-10-25-interviews-zhood-river-21

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