Interviews in The Dalles

2016-10-25-interviews-the-dalles-1Our next stop on the Interview Trail was The Dalles.  It was a beautiful rainy day.  The weather is getting colder.  We’ve had quite a bit of rain lately, which is nice.

Elder Horsley and Elder Kiser2016-10-25-interviews-the-dalles-2Elder Horsley:  Conference messages were about how focusing more on Jesus Christ in our lives brings real joy.  That’s my goal.  The biggest message I heard was Repentance.  I loved the emphasis on JOY and spiritual survival.

Elder Kiser:  The question I had as we started listening to conference was, “How can Jesus Christ be so merciful and forgiving even when we make the same mistakes over and over?” Everything was about the Atonement and Repentance.  It was all for me.  There is no limit on the love or mercy He has for us.  All we have to do to qualify for it is Repent.  Don’t just go sin, but if you do, we can be forgiven and we can be good enough.


Elder Folkman and Elder Johnson2016-10-25-interviews-the-dalles-10Elder Folkman:  I loved conference.  As the world gets more and more complicated with distractions, General Conference gets more and more simple.  I loved President Monson’s message:  “Just do it.”

Elder Johnson:  Saturday was about Prayer. Elder Anderson and Elder Oaks taught about Member Missionary Work.  I noticed the theme about Repentance and preparing and strengthening the basics.  Things were broken down and redefined–The Gospel of Jesus Christ and how to live it.  Repenting.  I really liked Elder Holland’s talk about the point of Home Teaching.  Good Home Teaching would solve all of our problems.  I loved his humor, “no travel agency in the world could book all the guilt trips we’ve taken you on!  We’ve given you countless pep talks and enough sacrament talks to use up forests of paper!”

Here’s Elder Folkman and Elder Johnson’s humble abode in The Dalles:2016-10-25-interviews-the-dalles-92016-10-25-interviews-the-dalles-11

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