Church and Interviews in Toppenish (and Zillah Elders)

2016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-5Today was our last day of interviews!  It takes about 3 weeks to visit with everyone in the mission from top to bottom.  One of the new changes we learned about in our MP Seminar this last week will affect interviews and zone conferences.  They’ve asked us to do BOTH interviews and zone conferences EVERY transfer.  Until now, we’ve done interviews one transfer, and zone conferences the next, rotating them.  Now is when you can start praying for us to have energy and time to double our travels and meetings.  We’re not sure how exactly to make that happen, but trust we will figure it out.  By the first of the year, we are to be on this new schedule.

Today we attended church in Toppenish.  It was their Primary Program and it was fabulous.  10 children sang beautifully and taught us about their love for the scriptures.  After church they had a pot-luck dinner for the families here.  YUM.2016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-72016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-82016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-102016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-11We had a quick bite before starting interviews.2016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-122016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-132016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-142016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-162016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-172016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-182016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-192016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-20Our Toppenish Elders:2016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-21

Elder Baker and Elder Holley2016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-4Elder Baker:  Elder Holland really got me thinking (Home Teaching talk) about how to apply those things to members and missionary work with less-actives.  I’ve been trying to contact more people and really get to know them, working with those who aren’t active.  It’s really helping.

Elder Holley: I remember Elder Holland’s talk about Home Teaching.  I like him.  I also liked Pres. Monson’s talk on the Word of Wisdom. You don’t often hear much about the Word of Wisdom.  Both addressed things we don’t hear much about in conference.  I also liked Elder Bednar’s talk on knowing Christ, not just knowing about Him.

Elder Aguilar and Elder Walters2016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-22Elder Aguilar:  We are good enough to make it.  I loved Elder Cornish saying that.  There was a big push on reading the scriptures and the Book of Mormon.  If we read with our families we and they will be blessed.  We will not lose them.  I also liked Elder Hales’ talk on caregivers.  I thought of my mom.  She’s a caregiver.  They will have a special place in heaven.

Elder Walters:  I loved Pres. Nelson’s talk on JOY and how we can have joy in any situation. He explained how we can feel joy when we focus on Jesus Christ and always turn to him. Sometimes it’s hard and it’s discouraging, but you can still feel joy.  There is always some good and joy in every day!

Notes to moms:2016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-232016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-26

Elder Sandholtz and Elder North2016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-30Elder Sandholtz:  There were lots of themes and messages this time:  Repentance, comparison is spiritually destructive, You are good enough (Elder Cornish), Forgiveness, being able to change for the better.  It’s never hopeless, or loss.  You can always make any situation better.

Elder North:  Elder Cornish said God isn’t a heartless referee who will throw us out of the game.  He loves us and is proud of what we are doing.  Elder Bednar taught about knowing the Savior.  I liked that and like to study about Him–not just what He did, but who He was, His character.  I love Pres. Eyring.  I need to be helping to lift others up more.

The Toppenish Ward building:2016-10-30-interviews-toppenish-31

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