Our Mission Presidents’ Seminar in San Diego 26-29 October 2016

2016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-33Wednesday morning early we headed south for our Annual Mission Presidents’ Seminar held in San Diego.  We meet with 34 Mission Presidents and their wives who serve in California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia in Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii.  We are the North America West and Northwest Areas.  (There are 8 missions in Washington:  Everett, Federal Way, Kennewick, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver and Yakima.)

Elder Donald Hallstrom from the Presidency of the Seventy is our Area Leader.  Elder Carl Cook, Elder Ian Ardern and Elder Weatherford Clayton of the Seventy serve with him and attended our Seminar.

We meet with all these same missionaries twice a year and we are becoming good friends.  We arrived in San Diego in 75 degree weather Wednesday afternoon and got to visit with Elder Solis and his mom.  Then we had a wonderful dinner and an evening of visiting with our mission friends.  We are now called “second years,” a new group has come in and replaces us as the “first years.”

Tuesday we met all morning, receiving training from our General Authorities.  Then we all traveled to the San Diego Temple where we enjoyed a marvelous endowment session.2016-10-27-san-diego-mp-seminar-32016-10-27-san-diego-mp-seminar-42016-10-27-san-diego-mp-seminar-52016-10-27-san-diego-mp-seminar-72016-10-27-san-diego-mp-seminar-92016-10-27-san-diego-mp-seminar-112016-10-27-san-diego-mp-seminar-122016-10-27-san-diego-mp-seminar-16We met the new Mission President of the Kennewick Mission, President Doneal White and his wife, Claudia.2016-10-27-san-diego-mp-seminar-182016-10-27-san-diego-mp-seminar-25

Friday Elder Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve and his wife joined us for a full day of instruction and training.  These 34 Missions represent 5,961 missionaries serving right now in areas that include 1.35 million members.  There are 73,000 missionaries serving world-wide in 421 missions.  30% are Sisters.  It’s a blessing to be a part of this great work.2016-10-28-san-diego-mp-seminar-62016-10-28-san-diego-mp-seminar-12016-10-28-san-diego-mp-seminar-22016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-12016-10-28-san-diego-mp-seminar-32016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-32016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-42016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-52016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-72016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-82016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-102016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-112016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-132016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-142016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-152016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-16Our meals were served here on this beautiful patio overlooking the bay.  This Marriott on Coronado Island is a beautiful place.2016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-182016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-192016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-202016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-222016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-23Heading home with fellow Washington MP wives:2016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-25This is how we share ideas and recipes and all things good:2016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-272016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-292016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-31We arrived home Saturday night after midnight.  Happy and full.  Life is good.2016-10-29-san-diego-mp-seminar-32

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