Monday at the Office

2016-10-31-monday-office-2Happy Halloween!!  Look at these funny costumes–they’re all dressed up like Mormon Missionaries!

When we got to the office, Elder Cannon was dusting and cleaning everyone’s desks.  Good job Mama Cannon!2016-10-31-monday-office-12016-10-31-monday-office-32016-10-31-monday-office-62016-10-31-monday-office-72016-10-31-monday-office-92016-10-31-monday-office-102016-10-31-monday-office-112016-10-31-monday-office-122016-10-31-monday-office-132016-10-31-monday-office-142016-10-31-monday-office-152016-10-31-monday-office-162016-10-31-monday-office-172016-10-31-monday-office-182016-10-31-monday-office-192016-10-31-monday-office-202016-10-31-monday-office-222016-10-31-monday-office-23We only come into the office on Mondays.  There is usually a pile of work to do when we come.  After our meetings, while Pres Lewis gets things done, I usually make a Costco run. Tomorrow is MLC and I’ll be working on a Thanksgiving Feast for the missionaries.

Tonight for Halloween, everyone will be by 6:00 p.m.  They all worked a few hours this afternoon during their P-day time, so they could come in early tonight.  Today the weather was in the 60s, nice and cool, but not cold.  Should be a nice evening for the little Spooks!2016-10-31-monday-office-24

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