Departing Group Monday Evening

2016-11-7-zdeparting-group-1This afternoon our 6 departing Elders started arriving at the Mission Home.  Faithful and good members from their areas bring them to us.  That can take several hours of driving.  We love our good members here.2016-11-7-zdeparting-group-22016-11-7-zdeparting-group-3Elder Wilson’s companions dropped him off and said their last goodbyes.  2016-11-7-zdeparting-group-42016-11-7-zdeparting-group-5Everyone worked on their “last homework assignment” while President Lewis interviewed them one at a time.  They answered questions about their memorable experiences and favorite areas and other things that we all find interesting and want to preserve from this day before departing.2016-11-7-zdeparting-group-6Sad and happy emotions here.2016-11-7-zdeparting-group-72016-11-7-zdeparting-group-9The Calls and Thompsons came by to say farewell.  These two are Call Brothers.2016-11-7-zdeparting-group-10At 6:00 we had our departure dinner:  BBQ Ribs, funeral potatoes, broccoli and salad.2016-11-7-zdeparting-group-122016-11-7-zdeparting-group-132016-11-7-zdeparting-group-142016-11-7-zdeparting-group-152016-11-7-zdeparting-group-162016-11-7-zdeparting-group-172016-11-7-zdeparting-group-182016-11-7-zdeparting-group-192016-11-7-zdeparting-group-202016-11-7-zdeparting-group-212016-11-7-zdeparting-group-22And for dessert:  the Famous Pumpkin Crunch Cake, everyone’s favorite.  (The recipe is here on the blog in the recipe link.)2016-11-7-zdeparting-group-232016-11-7-zdeparting-group-24Looking at family photos collected this last year:2016-11-7-zdeparting-group-26Elder Wilson made a scripture box/case that is a history of his entire mission.  Pretty amazing:2016-11-7-zdeparting-group-282016-11-7-zdeparting-group-292016-11-7-zdeparting-group-302016-11-7-zdeparting-group-312016-11-7-zdeparting-group-32With daylight savings changing this week, we played some yard games in the dark as Pres. Lewis continued the exit interviews.2016-11-7-zdeparting-group-33Bocce Ball:2016-11-7-zdeparting-group-34And interviews continued . . . and we pulled out some games.2016-11-7-zdeparting-group-372016-11-7-zdeparting-group-392016-11-7-zdeparting-group-422016-11-7-zdeparting-group-432016-11-7-zdeparting-group-442016-11-7-zdeparting-group-46And interviews continued . . . and I’ll add more pictures later.  We are up to date!

The night continued with games and fun until the interviews were finished.2016-11-7-zdeparting-group-482016-11-7-zdeparting-group-492016-11-7-zdeparting-group-502016-11-7-zdeparting-group-56

Then we had a wonderful testimony meeting and family prayer together.2016-11-7-zdeparting-group-612016-11-7-zdeparting-group-652016-11-7-zdeparting-group-64And we ended the night with several rousing rounds of Rhythm Sticks!  2016-11-7-zdeparting-group-672016-11-7-zdeparting-group-78It is finished.  They are ready to move on!

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I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I am currently serving as a Missionary in the Washington Yakima Mission. Welcome to my personal blog, Ann's Words, and my Mission blog, Our Yakima Mission. If you are interested in family history stories and histories, you can find those posted in Ann's Stories. Thanks for looking in!
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