New Arrivals Tuesday Afternoon and Evening

2016-11-8-arriving-group-77After everyone left to go out to work this afternoon, we hunkered down and went to work here.  I started posting photos.  Pres. Lewis caught up on phone calls and arrangements for transfers tomorrow and he took care of a few medical needs.  Have you ever had 175 teenagers?  Housing, Medical, Cars, Furniture, Transportation, Emotional Well-Being, Food, Food and More Food!  That’s what we do here and we love it.

After 2.5 hours, everyone came back to the Mission Home where we gathered downstairs with the local missionaries to hear about their afternoon adventures.  This is so fun.  Each one told stories of their experiences and the good people they met today.  I’d say everyone is pretty excited to be here and they had a nice local welcome.2016-11-8-arriving-group-792016-11-8-arriving-group-802016-11-8-arriving-group-822016-11-8-arriving-group-832016-11-8-arriving-group-842016-11-8-arriving-group-85Then the local missionaries wished them well and they headed back to work and to dinner appointments.  We fixed a quick snack for the new missionaries and then did more orientation.  2016-11-8-arriving-group-782016-11-8-arriving-group-86Then we gave them a bit of down time before dinner.  2016-11-8-arriving-group-892016-11-8-arriving-group-912016-11-8-arriving-group-922016-11-8-arriving-group-932016-11-8-arriving-group-94

Hermana Lin and Elder Enderton arrived from the Mexico MTC at about 7:00 after a long day in airports.  Elder and Sister Call picked them up and brought them to us here, where we welcomed them with hugs and food!2016-11-8-arriving-group-95Dinner was served at 7:30:  Ribs, funeral potatoes, broccoli, salad and Pumpkin Crunch Cake.  YUM.2016-11-8-arriving-group-972016-11-8-arriving-group-992016-11-8-arriving-group-1002016-11-8-arriving-group-1012016-11-8-arriving-group-1042016-11-8-arriving-group-1052016-11-8-arriving-group-107After dinner we had MORE Orientation!  Sister VanDeVenter, our Mission Nurse explained policies and procedures, and each of the office couples explained their responsibilities and how they help serve the missionaries here.  These are wonderful amazing missionaries.  All of them live here locally.  The Calls and Thompsons serve full-time while living at home.  Sister VanDeVenter and her husband are also live here in Yakima.  They are service missionaries who give hours and hours every single week.  We could not survive without them.2016-11-8-arriving-group-1082016-11-8-arriving-group-1102016-11-8-arriving-group-1112016-11-8-arriving-group-112Welcome gifts–WYM T-shirts and temple recommend card holders were given out.2016-11-8-arriving-group-1152016-11-8-arriving-group-116Elder Enderton and Herman Lin from Mexico:2016-11-8-arriving-group-117Then we had a short testimony meeting before letting everyone head to bed.  They were TIRED.  It’s been a full and long day.  Within minutes, all was quiet in the Mission Home, except in the office and in the garage, where we hauled beds and bedding to the truck for transfers tomorrow, then we met until midnight, figuring out the very best trainer for each new missionary.

When we’d talked through all the options and settled on what we thought felt best, we knelt in prayer and asked for confirmation.  I’m pretty sure we’re going to have some amazing companionships for these new missionaries.  Tomorrow will come quickly.2016-11-8-arriving-group-114And tomorrow, we learned, will bring a new President of the United States:  TRUMP was declared the winner tonight as we were finally going to bed.  Here’s how things were looking when we went to bed:2016-11-8 zzElection Results.jpg

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