What our Washington Yakima Missionaries are Grateful For


During interviews, I’ve been asking each of our missionaries what they are thankful for. These missionaries are wonderful.  They are filled with love and gratitude for so many good things.  I will post a few each day between now and Thanksgiving.  Come take a look:

Elder Ranta
I’m grateful for the members here and their wonderful support.
Having a companion. No companion would be the worst thing ever.
I’m grateful for cars, Walmart and the internet.

Elder Poloncic
I’m grateful for all the people I work with–the people we’re teaching, the members, the missionaries.
I’m grateful for the Book of Mormon–it brings me so much happiness.
I’m grateful for temples and how they bless our families.

Elder Sailsbery
I’m grateful for solid investigators.
I’m grateful for rainy days and tracting.
I’m grateful for emails from family and friends.

Elder Sorenson
I love being able to teach people.
I’m thankful for Heavenly Father and all the things He does for me and for the strength He gives me to keep going.
I’m grateful for the knowledge that I can become better.

Elder Tietjen
I’m grateful for Jesus Christ and the Gospel.
I’m grateful for other missionary friends. This is a team effort. I have the greatest friends.
I’m thankful for the people here and being able to love the people here.

Elder Kneip
I’m grateful for being so much closer to the Lord in this work.
I’m thankful for the Gospel and how it’s blessed me and my family (what a contrast to the world).
I’m grateful for an understanding of the Gospel and it’s completeness.

Sister Hill
I’m grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ because it’s the only way to be truly happy.
I’m thankful for the Priesthood. Without it there would be no eternal families or ordinances necessary for salvation.
I’m grateful for Nature and the beautiful things we have to look at. I love this area.

Sister Adamson
I’m grateful for the members here. They are like my family. I’ve learned to rely on them, gain their friendship and they have helped me in hard times.
I love my companions. This would be so hard alone. They are like sisters to me. I learn from them and love them so much.
I’m thankful for our car. If we had no car, I would die! I love our moving car.

Elder Saitman
I’m grateful for missionary-minded members who make missionary work more interesting.
I’m grateful for the scriptures. They make me less homesick. I can read them and feel all is OK. They are comforting to me.
I’m grateful for good food. I’m biking so I can eat more now!
I’m also grateful for ties. They make me feel like I have a lot of decisions to make every day. (I arrived here with 9. Now I have more than 80!)

Elder Jacob Olson
I’m grateful for the Gospel. It’s everything. It helps me lead a good life, help and serve people.
I’m grateful for my family–for their example, support and love and for all my Mom & Dad have done for me. They are always there, through the good and bad, through everything.
I’m grateful for ties. They make me really happy.

Hermana Fauk
I’m grateful for my family–they remember me, care about me and love me even when I’m not there.
I’m thankful for a loving companion. When times are hard, there’s someone there.
I’m grateful for Heavenly Father who guides us and leads us to who we need to meet.

Hermana Powell
Too many things I’m grateful for!! The ability to pray–it’s a gift and I’d be lost without it.
Scriptures–Heavenly Father knows exactly what I need. The scriptures are His words and they guide me and people that I love.
The Spirit–He brings the truth to people.

Elder Sanchez
I’m thankful for my companion. He helps me in my spiritual progression.
I’m thankful for my leaders. They care about me and make me feel loved.
I’m grateful for repentance and the miracle of forgiveness.

Elder Rigby
I’m grateful for Jesus Christ above all. No matter who I am or was, I can always change and become more clean, a better brother, a better son.
I’m grateful I can be with my family forever.
I’m grateful for Mexican food: tortillas, limes, incredible meat, salsa, soups, beans.
And I love the members here for their sincere hearts, for trying hard, for teaching me and for opening their hearts to us.

Elder Tanner Hansen
I’m grateful for my family. They love me, they are fun.
I’m grateful for the ability to learn.
I’m grateful to have a physical body. I can do things, play sports.

Elder Roe
I’m grateful for my Mom. I can’t put that into words. Read the Oct 2016 Elder Holland talk.
I’m thankful to be here on a mission. Out of all the spirits Heavenly Father could’ve sent to be LDS now, He chose me. He is Divine. I feel lucky.
I’m grateful for the rest of my family too. They’ve really helped me become what I am.
I’m grateful for cinnamon rolls. They bless my life without expecting anything in return.
I’m grateful for sleep.

Hermana Juarez
I’m grateful for my Heavenly Father because even though I messed up before, He’s always there.
No matter how far you are from Home, you can always return Home.
I’m grateful for my Mom because she has always been my example, my rock, she has always supported me and is always there for me.
I’m grateful for my mission. It’s preparing me to help my future family, understand my purpose, and love others.

Hermana Cluff
I’m grateful for the chance I get to share the Book of Mormon with people and see them read it for the first time.
I love learning to really receive the Spirit. It’s so literal. I love how the Spirit can expand your mind to new places.
I’m grateful for the way my family testifies to me, emails each week, shares experiences and spiritual experiences with me.

Elder Hughes
I’m grateful for my family for teaching me the things I love.
I’m grateful for my knowledge of a loving Heavenly Father.
I’m grateful for the Priesthood and how it builds me and makes me a better person, and how it brings blessings to others, especially my family.

Elder Nicoll
I’m grateful for the members here. They are faithful people who magnify their callings.
I’m thankful for friends and family to write to and to hear from.
I’m grateful for examples in my life–my family, Pres. Lewis, my Young Men Leaders.

Sister Holmes
I’m grateful for being converted to the Gospel (thanks to my mission).
I’m grateful for the power and peace of the Book of Mormon.
I’m grateful for the gift of the Atonement, my Savior’s sacrifice, so that I can teach other people that they can be healed.
I’m also grateful for the wonderful fruit in Washington. It’s the Best Ever!

Sister Don
I’m grateful to be a member of the Church, to have that knowledge gives me so much hope and joy.
I’m grateful to be able to share that with as many as possible so they can feel true joy.
I’m grateful for music because it brings me joy. I feel the Spirit strongly in the hymns.thanksgiving-blessings


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