Mission Elves at Work!

img_3332Now Keep it HUSH and don’t be talking about anything you see here.  Christmas Elves were busy today at the Mission Home, making a list and checking it twice.  We’re filling bags instead of stockings, and we’re having FUN!  Next week on Tuesday and Wednesday we’ll be partying in the WYM!

Elder Smith and Elder Thompson filled the bottles with fresh pressed apple juice from Elder Smith’s orchards.img_3333Elder Call dropped the final goodies into the bags.img_3336Sister Thompson and Sister Call prepared the cards to tie onto the bags.img_3338img_3339img_3340We’ve got goodies!img_3341President Lewis showed off the latest picture of our grandson!img_3343img_3344img_3348Mission Accomplished!img_3350img_3351img_3353   Coolest surprise ever!img_3354Apple juice keeping cold:img_3355All is ready!img_3360Remember:  No Talking about anything you’ve seen here!!

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1 Response to Mission Elves at Work!

  1. Marilyn DeBry says:

    So fun! I love the little jugs of apple juice. THANKS!


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