Jesus Fed the Hungry and So Can You #LIGHTtheWORLD

How appropriate that this week, we’ve had so much help from the wonderful members here in our Mission area feeding our Elders and Sisters!  On Tuesday, the Yeates family and many Relief Society Sisters prepared a feast for us in Quincy feeding the northern half of our mission.2016-12-6-cms-gathering-quincy-1365Mickie Yeates made these delicious stuffed pork roasts, served with baked potatoes, fruits,  vegetables, rolls, homemade jams, homemade pickles and olives.  Pies of all sorts and their own pressed apple juice topped off the fabulous meal.2016-12-6-cms-gathering-quincy-612016-12-6-cms-gathering-quincy-1352016-12-6-cms-gathering-quincy-1572016-12-6-cms-gathering-quincy-158We are grateful to the Yeates Family and all who helped them provide this scrumptious meal for our wonderful missionaries.


Then Wednesday, the Packard family fed the southern half of the mission here in Yakima.  Nice people just volunteer to help.  Just like that.  If you’ve ever prepared a meal for 100 people, you know it is no small thing.

Come meet these Packard families–they are all part of one of the large and wonderful LDS families in the area.  A family of families.  Aunts and uncles and cousins.  They are bright and talented and musical and they make really good food too!2016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-932016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-642016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-672016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-682016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-962016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-972016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-98Owen and Aimee were the master planners:2016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-113Sister Thompson got up at 5:30 this morning to start baking rolls.  She made about 300+.2016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-1422016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-942016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-114We had the most delicious ham, scalloped potatoes and corn and carrots.  2016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-1282016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-1292016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-1302016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-131Jim and Sharon Tree, our host and hostess:2016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-1322016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-1342016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-1362016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-1662016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-1372016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-1522016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-1572016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-159Cousins and dessert prep:2016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-1582016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-1602016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-1732016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-174And a special musical number:2016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-1612016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-1802016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-181These Adorables even helped clean up everything.2016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-187

After dinner, there was hot chocolate or cider with mix-ins, and popcorn during the movie.2016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-149We are so grateful to everyone who helped feed these hungry missionaries.  For many of them, this is the first time they’ve ever been away from home for Christmas.  They will be blessed for their sacrifice, and these good members here will also be blessed for loving them so much and providing a very special meal for them.  We are surrounded by such goodness here.  Thank you, all.2016-12-7-cms-gathering-yakima-197

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