Transfer Planning and our First SNOW!

img_4150Last night after a full day of Christmas Celebrating, we started in on Transfer Planning.  The first thing we do is stare at the board for a long time.  Then the pictures of missionaries begin to move.  We continued this morning and all day long.  The APs joined us for the day, staring at the board and trying to figure out the best possible companionships in each area.img_4153img_4154I was craving German food, so fixed a traditional German meal for lunch:  Brats, Kartoffeln, Gurkensalat, Rotkohl, pretzel rolls, and plenty of pickles and spicy mustard.  It hit the spot!img_4155img_4156Then back to work, staring.img_4157The sun sets around 4:30.  By 2:30 or so it was getting dark and overcast.  Then the snow began, softly and quietly.  It fluttered down, coating our world in white.img_4159By 5:00 there were several inches out there.  These Elders came for dinner.  We had pizza and ice cream cookies.img_4161img_4162img_4163img_4164img_4166Then they cleared our driveway.  This was the 2nd clearing this evening.  img_4167Arizona Elder Johnson was loving the snow shoveling!  This is his first time living in snow!img_4168img_4169img_4171I can hardly wait to see the winter wonderland in the morning!  Snow is expected to fall all through the night.img_4172

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