A Weekend of Baptisms!

2016-12-10-carries-baptism-yakima-1We woke to a white world, and we are celebrating with 12 baptisms in the Washington Yakima Mission this weekend!  What a joyful time.  I was able to attend Carrie’s baptism in Yakima before we headed south to The Dalles for a Stake Conference assignment there.  Carrie was so excited, and these Sister Missionaries are so good.  It was a joy to be with them.2016-12-10-carries-baptism-yakima-42016-12-10-carries-baptism-yakima-82016-12-10-carries-baptism-yakima-112016-12-10-carries-baptism-yakima-122016-12-10-carries-baptism-yakima-132016-12-10-carries-baptism-yakima-142016-12-10-carries-baptism-yakima-152016-12-10-carries-baptism-yakima-162016-12-10-carries-baptism-yakima-182016-12-10-carries-baptism-yakima-202016-12-10-carries-baptism-yakima-212016-12-10-carries-baptism-yakima-222016-12-10-carries-baptism-yakima-232016-12-10-carries-baptism-yakima-24It’s cold and it’s snowy, but we are warm and there is love here.2016-12-10-carries-baptism-yakima-262016-12-10-carries-baptism-yakima-29

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