Stake Conference Sunday in The Dalles

2016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-2We got up to a frozen over car this morning!  They call it “ice rain.”  It came off in sheets, and soon we were on our way to an 8:30 special meeting with our Spanish members.2016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-10The missionaries in The Dalles Stake are working hard to get enough people to start 2 Spanish Groups here.  It was wonderful to meet with these pioneer members this morning.2016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-112016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-13Elder Cornish speaks Spanish fluently and he taught beautiful doctrine.2016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-142016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-162016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-17Afterwards we prepared for the 10:00 General Session.  Members from Hood River and Stevenson were still snowed in, so many weren’t able to make it this morning.  Pres. Lewis and I got to speak again because some weren’t able to get here.  It’s a huge blessing to be with these Saints.  We love them.2016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-182016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-192016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-202016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-212016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-222016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-232016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-242016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-252016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-27We had a special meeting after Conference with all the Spanish missionaries, the Stake Presidency, and those who work with the Spanish members.  We made plans for how to best help the Spanish work to go forward.  The Relief Society Sisters provided lunch for us.2016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-28Our Stake Presidency in The Dalles:  President Johnson, Stake President Bischoff, and President Lewis.2016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-292016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-302016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-312016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-322016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-35Next we had Stake Missionary Correlation Meeting with the Stake Presidency and our Zone Leaders.  Another excellent meeting.2016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-37President Reynolds from the Mission Presidency joined us, and Elder Coles.  These are some fine missionary-minded Priesthood holders.  We are grateful to them.2016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-382016-12-11-the-dalles-stake-conf-39We headed back to Yakima after this meeting.  It’s about a 2 hour drive through a beautiful mountain pass.  It was a snowy winter wonderland.  This is such beautiful country.

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