Arriving Group 13 January 2016, Morning

2016-12-13-aadeparting-group-29This transfer brings 4 new Spanish-speaking missionaries to our mission.  Our total number of missionaries is now 174, and 51% speak Spanish.  60 of or missionaries are Sisters.  As Sister Fox and Sister Hirsche left, Hermana Petersen and Hermana Graff arrived.  Their paths crossed in the airport for a few minutes.  The flight arriving from Seattle with the Hermanas would return to Seattle with the Sisters going home.  This is the changing of the guard.  We will receive 2 more missionaries from the Mexico MTC this evening.  2016-12-13-arriving-group-182016-12-13-arriving-group-20Welcome to the Mission Home!2016-12-13-arriving-group-22And a hot bowl of sweet chili with some bread just out of the oven!2016-12-13-arriving-group-232016-12-13-arriving-group-242016-12-13-arriving-group-26After lunch, some of our local Hermanas came by and whisked these two away for an afternoon of missionary work.2016-12-13-arriving-group-272016-12-13-arriving-group-282016-12-13-arriving-group-302016-12-13-arriving-group-342016-12-13-arriving-group-35While they were gone, we regrouped, started laundry, and started preparing the next meal. 2016-12-13-arriving-group-47They returned at about 4:00, full of stories and new experiences.  We met together downstairs to hear all about it.  2016-12-13-arriving-group-492016-12-13-arriving-group-502016-12-13-arriving-group-512016-12-13-arriving-group-54Snacks while waiting for the Mexico MTCers to arrive:2016-12-13-arriving-group-55Farewell to the other Hermanas:2016-12-13-arriving-group-57It’s getting very cold here.2016-12-13-arriving-group-58

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