Departing Group Monday Evening

2016-12-12-monday-pm-1After Mondays at the office, I usually make a run to Costco or to get groceries for the meals each week.  I am grateful for Costco.  And I am grateful that it’s relatively easy to shop here.  I can get what I need when I need it.  I returned home today to find these Elders in the garage, bringing Elder Cataldo to the mission home.  He’s been serving in Sunnyside, a bit south of here.  There were some sad farewlls between these friends.2016-12-12-monday-pm-2

Then Sister Fox and Sister Hirsche arrived from Yakima and Wenatchee, and then the Thompsons came for their last evening in the WYM.  This is our Departing Group:2016-12-12-monday-pm-72016-12-12-monday-pm-142016-12-12-monday-pm-162016-12-12-monday-pm-172016-12-12-monday-pm-202016-12-12-monday-pm-222016-12-12-monday-pm-272016-12-12-monday-pm-292016-12-12-monday-pm-322016-12-12-monday-pm-37Signing transfer journals:2016-12-12-monday-pm-39As all this was going on, we prepared for a delicious feast!  The menu tonight was marinated tri-tip, oven roasted potatoes, glazed carrots, steamed fresh green beans, and a tossed salad.2016-12-12-monday-pm-112016-12-12-monday-pm-102016-12-12-monday-pm-122016-12-12-monday-pm-252016-12-12-monday-pm-262016-12-12-monday-pm-282016-12-12-monday-pm-312016-12-12-monday-pm-332016-12-12-monday-pm-34For dessert we had tapioca pudding with fresh berries.2016-12-12-monday-pm-352016-12-12-monday-pm-36After dinner we gathered around the fire in the family room for our farewell testimony meeting with these wonderful missionaries.2016-12-12-monday-pm-30Each shared a favorite missionary memory and their testimony.  These are some fine missionaries and we will miss them dearly.2016-12-12-monday-pm-432016-12-12-monday-pm-442016-12-12-monday-pm-45The rest of the evening we visited, sang and played a traditional rousing round of Rhythm Sticks.2016-12-12-monday-pm-472016-12-12-monday-pm-492016-12-12-monday-pm-50Then it was off to bed, with visions of families dancing in their heads.  Sister Hirsche will return to her family in Utah.  Sister Fox is going to Virginia and Elder Cataldo will be traveling 24 hours to his home in Vina del Mar, Chile.  We will miss them and send them off with our love.

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