Departing Group Tuesday Morning

2016-12-13-aadeparting-group-3We are all pretending to be happy.  You can see it’s hard to think this is the end of this important piece of these missionaries’ lives.  What a mix of emotion greets us on the last day of a mission!

2016-12-13-aadeparting-group-12016-12-13-aadeparting-group-52016-12-13-aadeparting-group-6The traditional marking of the Wall of Honor:2016-12-13-aadeparting-group-72016-12-13-aadeparting-group-82016-12-13-aadeparting-group-92016-12-13-aadeparting-group-102016-12-13-aadeparting-group-11We left for the airport at 9:30 on this cold crisp winter day.2016-12-13-aadeparting-group-122016-12-13-aadeparting-group-162016-12-13-aadeparting-group-17The Cramers from Selah were waiting to see these Sisters off.  They were taught by both Sister Fox and Sister Hirsche.2016-12-13-aadeparting-group-182016-12-13-aadeparting-group-232016-12-13-aadeparting-group-252016-12-13-aadeparting-group-262016-12-13-aadeparting-group-212016-12-13-aadeparting-group-27As we bid farewell, two of our next new arriving Sisters came through the airport!  This is the Changing of the Guard.  These two have come from the Provo MTC.  Two more will arrive this evening from the Mexico MTC.  The work will carry on.  We are sad and we are happy, all at the same time.  Heavenly Father never skips a beat.2016-12-13-aadeparting-group-28

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