Trainers Meet their New Companions!

2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-10While our new missionaries were gathering their things after breakfast, we sneaked the trainers who came to the door into a back room so they wouldn’t be seen until after the new missionaries were told where they’d be going.  This all feels a lot like Christmas Morning and coming down the stairs to see the tree and the gifts there!

Gathering things and packing bags:2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-11Then we took these new missionaries into President Lewis’s office to reveal the transfer board.  When the doors opened, they tried to find their picture next to a companion.2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-122016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-13It takes a few minutes to find their pictures.2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-142016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-162016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-18When they were all found, we took these four out into the family room, where the trainers were waiting to meet them:2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-20Welcome to your new best friends!2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-212016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-22Elder Hodges will be serving with Elder Sanchez in Wenatchee.2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-24Hermana Petersen will be serving with Hermana Faulk in Moses Lake.2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-25Hermana Tolliver will be serving with Hermana Knight in Ellensburg.2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-26And Hermana Graff will be serving with Hermana Juarez in Royal City.2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-27We spent the rest of the morning in our traditional Trainer & Trainee Training.  It was great to have both companions here right from the get-go.2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-29Opening song is our Mission Song, Called to Serve, with the additional 2 verses translated from the Spanish Hymnal.2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-302016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-31Here are a few of the things we talk about:2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-322016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-332016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-35For part of this special training, the APs meet with the new missionaries, while President Lewis visits with the Trainers upstairs.2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-362016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-372016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-38

Here are the Trainers:2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-402016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-392016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-412016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-422016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-432016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-44And here are these wonderful companionships!2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-55Then it was time to load up and move out to the transfer site at the Yakima Stake Center where others were gathering.  The temperature outside today is 23 degrees.  With the wind-chill, it feels like 11 degrees.  2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-56We are on our way to adventures!

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