Doctrine of Christ Training in Quincy

This morning we met in Quincy with all of the missionaries from the group that arrived November 9th.  They’ve been here almost 6 weeks now, and it was time for our Doctrine of Christ Training.  This is always one of my favorite meetings.  We have beautiful doctrine and it’s a joy to teach it and learn more about it from our scriptures.

We were greeted by Elder Fordham and Elder Wright, who cleared the way for our arrival. The APs drove the big mission van and brought everyone from the southern parts.  We combined north and south for this training to save travel time.2016-12-15-doc-quincy-2Here are the rest of our wonderful missionaries in training:2016-12-15-doc-quincy-32016-12-15-doc-quincy-42016-12-15-doc-quincy-52016-12-15-doc-quincy-62016-12-15-doc-quincy-72016-12-15-doc-quincy-82016-12-15-doc-quincy-92016-12-15-doc-quincy-102016-12-15-doc-quincy-112016-12-15-doc-quincy-122016-12-15-doc-quincy-132016-12-15-doc-quincy-142016-12-15-doc-quincy-152016-12-15-doc-quincy-16  2016-12-15-doc-quincy-172016-12-15-doc-quincy-182016-12-15-doc-quincy-192016-12-15-doc-quincy-202016-12-15-doc-quincy-212016-12-15-doc-quincy-222016-12-15-doc-quincy-25Lunch afterwards, before everyone returned to their areas:2016-12-15-doc-quincy-262016-12-15-doc-quincy-272016-12-15-doc-quincy-282016-12-15-doc-quincy-292016-12-15-doc-quincy-302016-12-15-doc-quincy-33These two Quincy Elders dropped by to say hello.  Elder Bown just came to Quincy.2016-12-15-doc-quincy-342016-12-15-doc-quincy-352016-12-15-doc-quincy-362016-12-15-doc-quincy-38

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