Washington’s Fruit Place and Gift Shop at Barrett Orchards

2016-12-15-wa-fruit-place-8We stopped at this fun gift store on our way home today.  The Sisters told me about it on P-day.  They had dropped by and found some fun gifts to send to their families.  It’s located at 1209 Pecks Canyon Road, which is quite close to the Mission Home.  Barrett Orchards seems to be a happening place all year round, with fresh fruit all summer, harvest fun in the fall, and now Christmas gifts.  Many of the things they display have to do with the wonderful fruit in Washington and this area.2016-12-15-wa-fruit-place-12016-12-15-wa-fruit-place-22016-12-15-wa-fruit-place-32016-12-15-wa-fruit-place-4The store was really fun, but this tractor out front was my favorite thing.  This is the same tractor I learned to drive on when I was about 8 years old.  As soon as we were tall enough to reach the clutch, we learned to drive.  This brought back floods of happy memories of growing up on our family’s fruit farm in central California.2016-12-15-wa-fruit-place-52016-12-15-wa-fruit-place-62016-12-15-wa-fruit-place-7

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