Dinner with the Mission Couples

2016-12-16-mission-couples-1We had a lovely evening.  Our missionary couples came and we celebrated the completion of the Thompson’s mission and the arrival of the Pendleburys, who are replacing them in the office, and the Omans, who arrived just today.  The Pendleburys live here in Selah and the Omans have come from Pleasant View, Utah (near Ogden).  The Omans will be serving in Stevenson and White Salmon in The Dalles Zone.2016-12-16-mission-couples-82016-12-16-mission-couples-102016-12-16-mission-couples-13The menu tonight was beef bourguingnonne, egg noodles or roasted potatoes, green beans, glazed carrots, salad and berry pie for dessert.  YUM.  2016-12-16-mission-couples-162016-12-16-mission-couples-17It was wonderful to go around the table hearing about each couple as they introduced themselves to each other.  These are exceptional people.  We are grateful for their wonderful service.  Makes me think of all the folks just sitting around at home who could be so much happier in a place like this!2016-12-16-mission-couples-182016-12-16-mission-couples-192016-12-16-mission-couples-202016-12-16-mission-couples-22Wow, we are going to miss the Thompsons!2016-12-16-mission-couples-242016-12-16-mission-couples-32Our New Missionaries:2016-12-16-mission-couples-34The Thompsons will be released tomorrow by their Stake President.  Tonight they left their mark on our Wall of Honor.2016-12-16-mission-couples-352016-12-16-mission-couples-36The Omans are spending the night and will travel to their new home tomorrow.  They will be amazing missionaries here.

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