Interviews in Royal City

2016012021-interviews-royal-city-3This morning we were in Royal City’s High School Seminary Building where we met with Elder Buchanan’s District.  They were having a District Meeting, so we went to do interviews before and afterwards.  Here’s a look at this wonderful place of learning and these wonderful missionaries.2016012021-interviews-royal-city-42016012021-interviews-royal-city-5

Hermana Cluff and Hermana Fano2016012021-interviews-royal-city-7Hermana Cluff:  Something I want to do:  Give my heart completely to Heavenly Father.  Something I want to become:  a more willing & devoted disciple.

Hermana Fano:  Something I want to do:  Find something I love to do and go to school for it.  Something I want to become:  a more loving missionary/daughter/friend.

District Meeting, Elder Buchanan conducting:2016012021-interviews-royal-city-102016012021-interviews-royal-city-112016012021-interviews-royal-city-122016012021-interviews-royal-city-132016012021-interviews-royal-city-142016012021-interviews-royal-city-152016012021-interviews-royal-city-162016012021-interviews-royal-city-172016012021-interviews-royal-city-18
The District:2016012021-interviews-royal-city-19

Hermana Graff and Hermana Juarez2016012021-interviews-royal-city-23Hermana Graff:  Something I want to do:  I want to make Heavenly Father my best friend.  Something I want to become:  more selfless.

Hermana Juarez:  Something I want to do:  “Drop my nets”  (Matthew 4:20).  Something I want to become:  I want to become the disciple that He is trying to mold me into.2016012021-interviews-royal-city-242016012021-interviews-royal-city-252016012021-interviews-royal-city-262016012021-interviews-royal-city-282016012021-interviews-royal-city-292016012021-interviews-royal-city-312016012021-interviews-royal-city-33

Elder Garcia and Elder Buchanan

Elder Garcia:  Something I want to do:  Love everyone around me!  Something I want to become:  As cool as Hna Fano and Pres. and Sis. Lewis.  And a better missionary.

Elder Buchanan:  Something I want to do:  Exercise more.  Something I want to become:  A more self-motivated missionary.

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