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2016-12-23-2Our son, Aaron has come for Christmas!  The rest will come in a week or so to join us here. We’ve been having a great time hanging out with Aaron.  We stopped by the office this afternoon to pick up a few packages that continue to arrive from the Post Office.  We saw these happy faces there:2016-12-23-32016-12-23-4Tonight on our way home from a short shopping trip, we ran over what looked like a branch in the road.  Turned out to be a FAKE KILLER BRANCH from a fake tree and it took out our tire.  Flat just like that.  Took a long time in the freezing cold to get that tire changed.  We were in a hurry, with company coming for dinner.  Yikes.2016-12-23-62016-12-23-7The culprit:2016-12-23-8We made it home in time for me to cook some Brats and a nice German meal.  Why did I forget to take photos??  It must have been the tire throwing me out of my groove.  The Finch family came with their son, Joshua, who will be traveling to Jerusalem with BYU’s program in January.  Our son, Aaron is also going.  They got to meet.  I’m sure they’ll become good friends next semester.  Shalom to all!

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