Interviews with the Yakima Valley Spanish Zone

2016-12-27-interviews-yak-valley-2We spent the day with these missionaries from the Yakima Valley Spanish Zone. Interviews went from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. without a break.  It was a great day.  I enjoyed hearing their New Year’s Resolutions and visiting with each one as President Lewis also did.  We love these missionaries.

Elder Kiser and Elder King2016-12-27-interviews-yak-valley-1Elder Kiser: Something I want to do:  Stop sarcasm, stop un-virtuous comments.  Something I want to become:  A better leader.

Elder King:  Something I want to do:  Learn something new.  Something I want to become:  A positive influence.

Elder Jensen and Elder Palacios2016-12-27-interviews-yak-valley-7Elder Palacios:  Something I want to do:  Not gain a lot of weight. I want to smile every day.  No soda for a year.  I want to read my Book of Mormon 3 times and 1 time the Bible.  Something I want to become:  An improved and knowledgeable missionary and to be known as someone who is happy.

Elder Jensen:  Something I want to do:  Feed the Sheep.  Something I want to become: a better, diligent, focused missionary.

District Council Meeting:2016-12-27-interviews-yak-valley-8

Elder Bonny and Elder Richardson2016-12-27-interviews-yak-valley-12Elder Bonny:  Something I want to do:  Be a a part of someone choosing to make a change in their life.  Something I want to become:  A good example of somebody who has given their life to Christ.

Edler Richardson:  Something I want to do:  I want to increase in knowledge which is Light. Something I want to become:  A better recipient.


Elder Beaumont and Elder Colunga 2016-12-27-interviews-yak-valley-17Elder Beaumont:  Something I want to do:  work out more, read through Preach My Gospel completely, and get a baptism.  Something I want to become:  a better, more spiritual missionary with more sincere prayers.  I want to be more obedient, and have better studies.

Elder Colunga:  Something I want to do:  Learn more from the scriptures.  Something I want to become:  a good example.


Elder West and Elder DeBry2016-12-27-interviews-yak-valley-24Elder West:  Something I want to do:  Return home with no regrets.  Something I want to become:  Ready to live my life after my mission as a result of the growth I made here.

Elder DeBry:  Something I want to do:  Go and serve with everything I have.  Something I wan to become:  A missionary who is respected and trusted by others.

Hermana Dungan and Hermana Young2016-12-27-interviews-yak-valley-26Hermana Dungan:  Something I want to do:  Baptize converts.  Something I want to become:  full of light.

Hermana Young:  Something I want to do:  read El Libro de Mormon all the way through. Something I want to become:  someone who always radiates the Light of Christ.2016-12-27-interviews-yak-valley-29

Hermana Pons and Hermana Torrez2016-12-27-interviews-yak-valley-35Hermana Pons:  Something I want to do:  pray as I make decisions.  Something I want to become:  aligned with God’s will.

Hermana Torrez:  Something I want to do:  develop my faith (focus more on Christ–the “why.”  Something I want to become:  someone who Heavenly Father can trust will act on any and all spiritual promptings.

Elder Donakey and Elder Walker2016-12-27-interviews-yak-valley-39Elder Donakey:  Something I want to do:  Take one photo every day, write in my journal, finish the Book of Mormon in Spanish.  Something I want to become:  A Preach My Gospel Missionary.

Elder Walker:  Something I want to do:  Give it my all, finish the Book of Mormon in Spanish.  Something I want to become:  A worthy conduit of Priesthood Power.

Hermana Stocking and Hermana Hull2016-12-27-interviews-yak-valley-40

Hermana Stocking:  Something I want to do:  Go to the temple at least 6 times this next year.  Something I want to become:  more loving and understanding of others.

Hermana Hull:  Something I want to do:  be fluent in Spanish.  Something I want to become:  humble and confident.

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