Interviews in the Selah Zone

2016-12-28-interviews-selah-1Today was spent with most of our Selah Zone (minus the APs).   It was another long full good day visiting with the missionaries.

Elder Hansen and Elder Carroll, or Zone Leaders2016-12-28-interviews-selah-6Elder Hansen:  Something I want to do:  Not be prideful.  Something I want to become: Humble and Charitable.

Elder Carroll:  Something I want to do:  Improve my studies and be exactly obedient.  Something I want to become:  The 4th Missionary.

Elder North and Elder Hoskins2016-12-28-interviews-selah-4Elder North:  Something I want to do:  Focus on others to help build them.  Something I want to become:  more humble, not thinking less of self, but thinking of self less.

Elder Hoskins:  Something I want to do:  lose weight and be healthy.  Something I want to become:  a more outgoing and charitable person.

Elder Bouck and Elder Peterson2016-12-28-interviews-selah-5Elder Bouck:  Something I want to do:  send more boxes of stuff home.  Something I want to become:  more a more diligent missionary.

Elder Peterson:  Something I want to do:  read all of the Standard Works.  Something I want to become:  a more knowledgeable missionary.

Sister Boehmer and Sister Don 2016-12-28-interviews-selah-7Sister Boehmer:  Something I want to do:  change someone’s life for the better!  Something I want to become:  missionary me! (more focused on being a missionary).

Sister Don:  Something I want to do:  write at least one thing in my journal every day.  Something I want to become:  a diligent missionary.


Sister Robalin and Sister Adamson2016-12-28-interviews-selah-24Sister Robalin:  Something I want to do:  be happy being a missionary and love people more freely.  Something I want to become:  more patient and more willingly obedient.

Sister Adamson:  Something I want to do:  I want to be able to help others come unto Christ.  Something I want to become:  I want to become like the Savior.

Sister Goodrich and Sister Hansen2016-12-28-interviews-selah-25Sister Goodrich:  Something I want to do:  Testify more.  Something I want to become:  Better.  A missionary who testifies more and talks less.

Sister Hansen:  Something I want to do:  study my scriptures every single day.  Something I want to become:  a true disciple of my Savior Jesus Christ.

Elder Ence and Elder Folkman2016-12-28-interviews-selah-28Elder Ence:  Something I want to do:  Read the Gospels.  Something I want to become: More kind and loving to those I serve.

Elder Folkman:  Something I want to do:  read the Book of Mormon every transfer.  Something I want to become:  someone who gives us something every day to serve someone else.

If I were a parent of any one of these missionaries, I’d be very proud.

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