Interviews and District Meeting in Ellensburg


This morning we headed to Ellensburg, where we spent the day with our Ellensburg District.  We did interviews before and after their District Meeting.  It was a great day.  The plan was to meet at the Institute Building and Central Washington University, but they were cleaning, so we headed to one of the church buildings.  This Institute Building is right by campus.  It’s a great gathering place for our Young Single Adults here.

Elder Hanson and Elder Black2016-12-29-interviews-ellensburg-4Elder Hanson:  Something I want to do:  show my family I love them more!  Something I want to become:  a clown and always happy.

Elder Black:  Something I want to do:  use members more.  Something I want to become:  a cowboy.


Elder Powell and Elder Vejnar (District Leader)2016-12-29-interviews-ellensburg-7Elder Powell:  Something I want to do:  Be able to use the scriptures better, teaching from them and being able to know where the doctrine is.  And I want to be able to show people how to use the scriptures themselves.  Something I want to become:  A missionary that teaches out of sincere charity for people, being able to talk to them like a real person, teaching naturally.

Elder Vejnar:  Something I want to do:  Finish my mission and apply the things I have learned to my everyday life.  The Gospel is part of me and is in everything I do.  Something I want to become:  a fearless disciple of Jesus Christ to everyone!

District Meeting2016-12-29-interviews-ellensburg-15Elder Black giving a training on how to teach simply.

Role plays2016-12-29-interviews-ellensburg-162016-12-29-interviews-ellensburg-17

Lunch time2016-12-29-interviews-ellensburg-222016-12-29-interviews-ellensburg-232016-12-29-interviews-ellensburg-242016-12-29-interviews-ellensburg-252016-12-29-interviews-ellensburg-262016-12-29-interviews-ellensburg-272016-12-29-interviews-ellensburg-282016-12-29-interviews-ellensburg-29Sister Michalek and Sister McCourt

Sister Michalek:  Something I want to do:  I want to let all I come in contact with know that God loves them.  Something I want to become:  a more positive person.

Sister McCourt:  Something I want to do:  I want to give compliments and acts of service freely and more often.  Something I want to become:  more coachable.

Hermana Knight and Hermana Tolliver

Hermana Knight:  Something I want to do:  Not get my “worldly legs” back when I go home.  Something I want to become:  a peacemaker.

Sister Carroll and Sister Enman

Sister Carroll:  Something I want to do: be more like Christ–kind and obedient!  Something I want to become:  I want to be a good example of Christ!

Sister Enman:  Something I want to do:  help light the world one person at a time.  Something I want to become:  someone others can see the Light of Christ through.


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