Lewis Family is Gathering in Yakima for the New Year!

2016-12-30-1We stopped by the office on our way to the airport to pick up our daughter, Claire and her husband, Graham.  Aaron flew in last week before Christmas.  We’ve put our family Christmas celebration on hold until all of our kids are here.  Adam, Heidi, and the GRANDSON will arrive Sunday night, if the roads are good.  We are so happy to have family around us.2016-12-30-3The office is supposed to be closed today, but that doesn’t keep Elder and Sister Call away!  They are so diligent.  They wanted to be there when the mailman comes because packages are still pouring in.2016-12-30-4The Yakima Air Terminal with our kids:2016-12-30-6And a quick Costco run on the way home.  Now these two are both asleep, catching up after their early flight.  Let the fun begin!2016-12-30-8

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