Baptism in Goldendale

2016-12-31-baptism-goldendale-4The sun was shining today in Goldendale!  The Sisters have been teaching Cathy, who is starting the year in the best ever possible way!  We are so thrilled for her and her husband, Steve.  What happened here is just the beginning of goodness flowing into this family.2016-12-31-baptism-goldendale-22016-12-31-baptism-goldendale-32016-12-31-baptism-goldendale-72016-12-31-baptism-goldendale-102016-12-31 Baptism Goldendale (18.5).JPG2016-12-31-baptism-goldendale-112016-12-31-baptism-goldendale-122016-12-31-baptism-goldendale-142016-12-31-baptism-goldendale-162016-12-31-baptism-goldendale-18Here are a few views from the drive back to Yakima:2016-12-31-baptism-goldendale-192016-12-31-baptism-goldendale-202016-12-31-baptism-goldendale-212016-12-31-baptism-goldendale-262016-12-31-baptism-goldendale-272016-12-31-baptism-goldendale-282016-12-31-baptism-goldendale-29

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