My Family Booklets-my Christmas Eve Family Gifts

2016-12-26-cms-projects-3This last week I’ve been working like crazy on these My Family Booklets for our 3 kids and for President Lewis.  Every year on Christmas Eve we have some special family time where we gather together and read the Christmas Story, and every year I prepare a special family gift for each of the kids.  This year I’ve been working on these booklets for Christmas Eve.  As many of you know, it’s a big project.  Each of these booklets has between 50-60 photos of our family and our ancestors, along with their stories and genealogical information about their families.

Here’s how they looked as I finished them.  Adam Lewis:2016-12-26-cms-projects-5Claire Lewis:2016-12-26-cms-projects-4Aaron Lewis:2016-12-26-cms-projects-6John Lewis:2016-12-26-cms-projects-7The kids’ books have this information:2016-12-26-cms-projects-82016-12-26-cms-projects-92016-12-26-cms-projects-102016-12-26-cms-projects-112016-12-26-cms-projects-122016-12-26-cms-projects-132016-12-26-cms-projects-142016-12-26-cms-projects-152016-12-26-cms-projects-162016-12-26-cms-projects-172016-12-26-cms-projects-182016-12-26-cms-projects-192016-12-26-cms-projects-202016-12-26-cms-projects-212016-12-26-cms-projects-222016-12-26-cms-projects-23

Here is the rest of the booklet for President Lewis:2016-12-26-cms-projects-242016-12-26-cms-projects-252016-12-26-cms-projects-262016-12-26-cms-projects-272016-12-26-cms-projects-282016-12-26-cms-projects-292016-12-26-cms-projects-302016-12-26-cms-projects-312016-12-26-cms-projects-322016-12-26-cms-projects-332016-12-26-cms-projects-342016-12-26-cms-projects-352016-12-26-cms-projects-362016-12-26-cms-projects-372016-12-26-cms-projects-382016-12-26-cms-projects-392016-12-26-cms-projects-402016-12-26-cms-projects-41I’ll get my own book finished up soon.  We had a wonderful evening, talking about some of these ancestors and spending time with these great kids.2017-1-1-family-arrives-13

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I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I am currently serving as a Missionary in the Washington Yakima Mission. Welcome to my personal blog, Ann's Words, and my Mission blog, Our Yakima Mission. If you are interested in family history stories and histories, you can find those posted in Ann's Stories. Thanks for looking in!
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One Response to My Family Booklets-my Christmas Eve Family Gifts

  1. Amy Moser says:

    Elder Moser requested one of these in his birthday package, asking me to fill in the basic information and he would handle the rest. I included little pictures of each individual, but only as “prescribed.” I love what you have done–going outside of the box with more! I sent his package yesterday–which is a good thing I did. I think I would end up copying what you have done and taking a few more days to send off the package. haha. You should show all of your missionaries this at your next conference. Well done. Great ideas!


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